15 of the highest paying jobs in the hospitality industry


The hospitality industry is lucrative, with top jobs with six-figure salaries. But to reach the top of the totem pole, you need specialized hospitality education, training and experience. Wondering how to get there? Take a look at these 15 high paying hospitality jobs.

1. Casino Director

Average annual salary: $ 142,302

Casino managers oversee everything that happens in a casino, from managing employees and dealing with customers to enforcing gambling regulations. This job typically requires a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or commerce.

2. Chief engineer

Average annual salary: $ 102,232

Do you prefer to work with buildings and mechanical systems rather than interacting with people? Work in the hospitality industry as a chief engineer. Chief engineers are in charge of everything related to the maintenance and facilities of a hotel.

3. Sales manager

Average annual salary: $ 89,827

Hospitality sales jobs are in high demand. As a hotel sales manager, you will combine hospitality and sales know-how to increase hotel revenue. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality or marketing is required.

4. Head of hotel operations

Average annual salary: $ 80,000

Hotel operations managers manage everything that happens in a hotel, overseeing food service, security, housekeeping, and more. These managers need a bachelor’s degree in hotel management to work in top hotels.

5. Flight attendant

Average annual salary: $ 78,544

Flight attendants need at least a high school diploma and, when hired, will undergo intensive training offered by the airline. Flight attendants ensure that airline customers are happy and safe during their flight.

6. IT manager

Average annual salary: $ 78,499

Hotels have computers too – and someone has to fix the computer system when it crashes. Enter IT managers who work in the hospitality industry. If you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you can earn a pretty dime.

7. Director of Food and Beverage

Average annual salary: $ 70,488

A food and beverage manager plans and realizes menus for a hotel, school or restaurant business. This position requires a very experienced person in the hospitality industry.

8. Executive Pastry Chef

Average annual salary: $ 69,490

Do you have a sweet tooth and a bachelor’s degree from a culinary school? If so, you could make a great executive pastry chef. These chefs usually work in hotels, restaurants or casinos, overseeing the kitchen’s dessert menu.

9. Event planner

Average annual salary: $ 65,887

Event planners plan and oversee events, managing aspects of preparation such as venue and vendors. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, business or communications will prepare you for success in this field.

10. Executive Chef

Average annual salary: $ 64,990

An executive chef has a similar position to an executive pastry chef, but focuses on food rather than dessert. Executive chefs don’t do much cooking themselves. Instead, they supervise the kitchen staff.

11. Director of housekeeping

Average annual salary: $ 53,610

As a Director of Housekeeping, you will oversee the housekeeping staff of a hotel, resort, hospital, or other facility. You need housekeeping experience to land this managerial position.

12. Massage therapist

Average annual salary: $ 53,222

Massage therapists work in a variety of hospitality settings, such as resorts, cruise ships, and hotels. Massage therapists usually have an associate’s degree and must also be certified by the state where they plan to work.

13. Restaurant manager

Average annual salary: $ 49,294

Combine the love of hospitality and the culinary world by becoming a restaurant manager. Some restaurant managers have a culinary arts degree. Others study business or hospitality management. Either way, this job merges the two areas perfectly – and pays well, too.

14. Sommelier

Average annual salary: $ 48,476

Sommeliers are also called sommeliers. They know fine wines well and work in restaurants selling this wine to diners. Sommeliers can choose the level of certification they wish to acquire.

15. Travel manager

Average annual salary: $ 46,028

Travel managers handle all the details of a company’s travel – arranging transportation, accommodations and more for employees. Most often, travel managers have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or travel.

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