7 places serving the best ice cream sandwiches in Seattle


Tired of ice cream? You’re not alone.

In case popsicles aren’t your thing either, we’ve rounded up the best of the best when it comes to the tastiest handhelds on the local market.

Here are seven places to find the best ice cream sandwiches in Seattle:

Hello Robin

We love Hello Robin for their wonderful selection of goodies. The bakery offers about a dozen cookies each day, including seasonal rotations and family favorites, all of which can be personalized into the perfect ice cream sandwich.

Place: 2570 NE University Village Street, Seattle
Call: 206-397-3634

Place: 522 19th Avenue East, Seattle
Call: 206-735-7970
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Cupcake Royale

Although they are known for their cupcakes, you don’t want to miss the ice cream sandwiches that Cupcake Royale serves. A freshly churned ice cream sandwich between two homemade cookies? Count us on.

Place: 2052 NW Market Street, Seattle
Call: 206-701-6238

Place: 1101 34th Avenue, Seattle
Call: 206-701-6240

Place: 4556 California Avenue SW, Seattle
Call: 206-701-6266

Place: 106, rue des Pins, Seattle
Call: 206-443-8674

Place: 1424 11th Avenue, Seattle
Call: 206-701-9579
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Soft wheels

You better grab some ice cream sandwiches on Sweet Wheels when you see them, because this food truck and pop-up shop doesn’t exist forever. The truck serves delicious cookie sandwiches at various locations around Seattle throughout the spring and summer.

Place: various places
Call: 206-353-1293

Shugs soda fountain

Enjoy beyond the ice cream sandwiches at the Shugs soda fountain. With tons of flavor and freshly baked cookies, you’ll want to order more than just one.

Place: 1525 1st Avenue, Seattle
Call: 206-602-6420
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Sweet alchemy

Sweet Alchemy never fails to satisfy with its ice cream sandwiches. With both vegan ice cream flavors and regular dairy-based varieties, the sandwich options are endless.

Place: 4301 University Way NE, Seattle
Call: 206-632-0243
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Midnight Cookie Co.

While they only serve their pre-drilled ice cream cookie sandwiches in Kirkland, Midnight Cookie Co. serves freshly baked cookies as well as Full Tilt ice cream. We honestly see this as a win, especially because we love three scoops of ice cream in every sandwich.

Place: 1058 N 39th Street, Seattle
Call: 206-632-1237
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Macadons serves the ultimate ice cream sandwich: a tasty ice cream served between two macaroons. The chewing of the macaroon perfectly complements the melting but fresh interior. Trust us when we say you must try any of these specialties.

Place: 9828 16th Avenue SW, Seattle
Call: 206-841-0052
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