9 unreal local shopping areas in York for last minute giveaways


ICYMI, shipping delays and supply chain issues abound this time of year. But holiday shopping doesn’t have to be that stressful, and it doesn’t even have to be online. And that’s why we decided to venture north of 6ix and into the York.

And no, we’re not just talking about Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham, we mean all that beauty dotted with water and farmland. So, we teamed up with the York Region to find the area’s best shopping spots, perfect for all your last minute holiday shopping. So here they are!

Aurore Downtown

If you’ve ever been through downtown Aurora, you know it’s a nice little place with lots of character. From classic houses transformed into offices to shops and cafes to the graffiti-style building, the place is charming. And you will also find amazing gift options, whether it is a bespoke basket of Uneek gifts or gourmet cookware from Aurora Kitchen Accents or a custom jersey fan chair for an NFL fanatic from Best seat in the house.

Main street Schomberg in King

Of course, we frequented King’s Main Street for a quick escape from the TO chaos, for fun parties, and even to cycle our summers. But this beautiful historic paradise is also a great place for a shopping getaway during the holiday season. You will find many shops and cafes, including The millers table for antiques, Le Maison Boutique for French country aesthetics, the Sugar and Spices Bakery for everything related to the cake and many more that lie in the streets. And you are going to love them all.

Main Street Markham

While the skyscraper clad Markham is the more recent version, the village of Markham is one of the oldest communities in the province. And part of that community is the bustling Main Street with shops, restaurants, and spas galore. It’s also a great place to find some truly amazing gifts, whatever the occasion. Although you will find several places to collect coveted junkets, our recommendation is to take advantage of the many amazing spas here. No gift like taking care of yourself, right ?!

Newmarket Main Street

It is, by far, the most underrated of all the main streets. The 19e The century facade with classic and contemporary interiors is one of the best places for all kinds of shopping sprees, whether on vacation or just for a day out with girlfriends. Frankly, you’re going to want to check out all the shops and cafes here, but our top picks include Good vibes on Main, Neon Flamingo Emporium & Café, Hemp jewelers and Mercantile Metropolis + Coffee.

Shopping Malls in Richmond Hill

Hillcrest and Time Square are definitely our all-time favorites and need no introduction. But, there are many other malls that you can visit, especially if you are looking to escape the crowds. Shops on the promenade and RioCan Elgin are especially great for shopping for holiday gifts. From quality desserts to cutting-edge clothing and jewelry, personal care and decor, they’ve got you covered.

Kleinburg Village in Vaughan

Here’s a little more charm to come. Victorian vibe, inviting boutique, tempting cafes and a bright arts and culture scene, the village of Kleinburg has it all. But do you know what else he has? Local shops and restaurants Violets & Dahlias & Former confectionery of the fire station at Dragee children’s store with unique (and delicious) collections that will make you want to grab it all.

The village of Stouffville

In case you were wondering where it is, it is just a few minutes north of Markham and is part of the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville. Despite all the amenities and comforts of a suburban town so close to TO, the community has managed to retain its charming small town atmosphere and approach. The multitude of heritage buildings here that house quirky shops, restaurants and cafes make old world magic work.

And if you’re looking to give your gifts a unique personal touch, venture to the Village on Main Street where you’ll find some amazing finds. From Candles and souvenirs Gift shop at Redefined research you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list at one of these local stores.

East Gwillimbury Shopping Centers

East Gwillimbury has more to offer than the ambiance of a historic village and the charm of a small town. Fast-growing urbanity is home to all of our favorite stores at Green Lane Center, only they’re well stocked here. Need a classy red? There is the Wine Shop. Looking for the perfect gift for the fashionistas on your list? There are Reitmans and Stitches. Want to improve the decoration of the house of a loved one? Urban Barn is at your service. Do we need to continue? Oh, and if you want to grab a bite to eat, there are endless options across Yonge Green Lane Common.

Local stores in “Getaway Country”

We all spent quite a bit of time relaxing at the beach, strolling along the waterfront, or hiking one of Georgina’s many beautiful trails. It is a “getaway country” for a reason after all. But the city also offers unique shopping experiences, especially during the holidays. From decoration and jewelry designed by local artisans to Brindilles et Cie. to coveted treasures at Whipple Tree Country Store to a fancy bottle of Fine wines Fellini, you can find really personal gifts here.

And when you’re done shopping on The Queensway S in Keswick and grabbing a scoop or 3 of your favorite flavors at Scooby, head to Sutton. Then walk up to Village traditions, Antiques on 48 and Butter & Soaps- essential visits when hunting for exceptional gifts.

Hit these local markets in York is the safest bet to cross everything on time from your holiday shopping list. In addition, it will save you all the stress of “it will or won’t happen”, which will make your vacation really happy and joyful.

And if you’re looking for something else to do this holiday season, be sure to check out the York Festivals and Events page!


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