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Hungarian pastry chef Dávid Jakabfi’s latest recipe has received one of the most remarkable international accolades. The French magazine The pastry chef’s diary devoted a special chapter to the special Mother’s Day dessert of the young pastry chef with rose, raspberry and lychee flavors.

The talented young Hungarian pastry chef, Dávid Jakabfi, has already won numerous international awards for his special desserts. It is therefore not surprising that he has become one of the most eminent figures in the art of confectionery across Europe. The talented pastry chef started his career with big dreams a few years ago. During this time he encountered many difficulties, but his perseverance and diligence paid off. Since then, Dávid has taken his skills in fine desserts and macaroon making to the top.

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Her latest dessert, Lychy Pink is inspired by Mother’s Day and has received one of the most prestigious accolades in Europe. The French magazine The pastry chef‘s diary dedicated a separate chapter to the specialty of the young pastry chef. Dessert Lychy Pink is a creative gourmet dessert with flavors of rose, raspberry and lychee. Thanks to the prestigious recognition, Dávid believes he has now reached the top professionally.

Photo: www.facebook.com/JD-Desszertmuhely

“Obviously there’s always room for improvement, but for me it’s a huge confirmation that I’m on the right track. This magazine is very selective about the type and quality of the desserts it presents. I have already been praised for the recipe and the presentation by several internationally renowned colleagues,” said Dávid. The young talent, who has also written two books on the art of confectionery, is very happy that his work contributes to the gastronomic development of Hungary.

As a new Hungarian portal Turizmus reports, The pastry chef’s diary since 1978, a balance between tradition and innovation. For more than 40 years, the magazine has been a tool for quality pastry chefs.

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The Association of Hungarian Confectioners can be proud of two Hungarian desserts this week. In addition to Dessert Lychy Pink, it is also worth mentioning this year’s Cake from Hungary winner, called “Prince of Wild Plums”. The winning dessert is a creation by Vanília & Gelarto from Nagykőrös, called “Prince of Wild Plums”, created by Orsolya Karikó. As a Hungarian news portal Izeselet reports, the main element of the case is Hungarian plums, combined with other great ingredients and red wines from Eger.

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In the sugar-free cake category, “Grandma’s Favourite” was voted best dessert this year. The no-sugar-added cake specialty is a silky harmony of tangy raspberry jam, white chocolate pistachios, mascarpone and a few hibiscus and rosehip flowers. This is the second time Szeged pastry chef László Gyuris has won the award with his dessert creation, after his ‘Little Chestnut’ won first place in 2019.

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The cakes can be tasted from August 19 in the Hungarian Flavor Street, in the Várkert Bazaar and in hundreds of confectioneries across the country.

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Source: turizmus.com, izeselet.hu


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