Aldi finds October 2022 – Mama Cozzi’s Pizza, Bake Shop Pumpkin Spice Donuts


For us, the first day of the month is always a treat. Why? A whole new batch of Aldi discoveries are on the horizon. We’ve had a look at the full list of groceries hitting stores in October, and there are plenty of new and returning items you’ll want to check out (and pay for). There are frozen favorites, dinnertime shortcuts and, yes, sweet and savory treats. We’ve gone through the list and pulled out the 10 groceries we’re most excited about. We’ll take a look!

1. Ginger smoothie of the season, $5.99

Mango, pineapple, banana and ginger puree come together to put the smooth in your morning smoothie. Find it in the freezer section on October 5 along with two more smoothie flavors: Turmeric and Lemongrass.

2. Bake Shop Pumpkin Spice Glazed Donuts, $3.99

Meanwhile, in our low-key favorite section, pumpkin spice gives apple cider a hard time… Dough. Available October 26, the only debate worth having is whether you should have your first donut for breakfast or dessert.

3. Tavern-Style Cheese Pizza from Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen, $5.99

No matter how you slice it, this overload the thin crust pizza topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese is a crowd pleaser. Yes, even if this crowd is a group of two! You can find it in stores on October 12.

4. Fusia Asian-Inspired Mandu Beef Meatballs, $6.29

These extra-heavy, extra-large dumplings are filled with Korean BBQ-style beef and vegetables and what can only be described as tons of flavor. You can take them home on October 19. From there, just eight minutes in a pan separates you from a plate of hot, crispy ravioli.

5. Clancy’s Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips, $1.99

Garlic and cheese bread, but in the form of potato chips! We don’t know who runs R&D at Clancy’s, but they deserve a raise. Look for this bright yellow bag on October 12. (FYI: The beer and bratwurst flavored chips will hit shelves a week later.)

6. Emporium Selection Transylvania Hard Cheese, $4.29

Things get even cornier in the dairy section. We counted not one, not two, but five (five!) different blocks that arrived in stores this month. This hard cheese from Transylvania (and a similar, but WINE-soaked version) will be the first to hit shelves on October 5.

7. Specially Selected Charcuterie Trio, $9.89

If you like your cheese board with a mix of meat, especially salame (aka salami), be sure to add this pre-sliced ​​trio – Genoa, Dry Italian and Calabrese – to your shopping list. Pro tip: You can also cut it into slices and use it as a topping for your Mama Cozzi’s pizza. It’s available October 14, which, let’s note, is a Friday. (If you’re unfamiliar, Aldi Finds typically roll out weekly on Wednesdays.)

8. Skinless Boneless SeaMazz Orange Roughy Raw Frozen Fillets, $9.99

Did you know you can skip defrosting and cook frozen fish straight from the freezer? Simply brush these fillets with olive oil (or your favorite marinade), season with salt and pepper, and bake. They are also MSC certified, which we like to see. Look for them in the freezer section on October 12.

9. Priano Tomato and Mozzarella Gnocchi, $2.99

Speaking of dinnertime shortcuts, this gnocchi is a gno-brain. Imported from Italy, tomato and mozzarella stuffed dumplings are what’s for dinner on October 12. (Coincidentally, that’s when they hit stores.)

10. Clio Vanilla Greek Yogurt Mini Bars, $3.99

New to Aldi stores, these Greek yogurt bars have a chocolatey coating and come in two flavors: vanilla and strawberry. Mini size only, they are available on October 26th. At around 50 cents a bar, they’re also a bargain.

Which of these things excites you the most? Tell us in the comments below!


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