Broken Credit History


If you are not given a loan, mentioning that you have a damaged credit history, and you think that this is a mistake, you may need to analyze the good faith in fulfilling your financial obligations to the state. Check all your utility payments, whether they are carried out correctly, whether you always have time to pay off the debt at the appointed time. Even insignificant, at first glance, debt can negatively affect your credit history. Do not forget to file a tax return and pay taxes on time. Remember if you have any administrative fines that, for whatever reason, have not paid. By the way, about the latter, if there is a fresh traffic police fine, then it makes great sense to pay it in the first 20 days, so the debt is not formed and you get a 50% discount on the amount of the fine.

Very small amounts, even a few rubles, in the future may cost you thousands, or even tens of thousands. Just think, unpaid penalties and even the very fact of their presence can add a few percent to the loan rate and then you will overpay extra money every month. Even if a small debt was formed several years ago and has already been repaid, it can now worsen your financial well-being.

Bad Credit History is Difficult

Bad Credit History is Difficult

In such situations, it is also unlikely to save the availability of funds in your bank account, where you decide to apply or in any other, because when making a decision on issuing a money loan, the important criteria are not so much the financial condition of the potential borrower, but its ratio to your debts and financial responsibilities. Even rich people, having several large deposits, can receive an extra interest on the loan due to minor delays.

Cash loans with a bad credit history

Cash loans with a bad credit history are much more difficult to obtain so that you are sensitive to all your financial documents. Keep all receipts for payments made. Carefully keep track of the timing of all monthly payments that you need to make. Collect all kinds of inquiries from various authorities with which you will be able to explain one or another payment delay. Even if in the past you were characterized by irresponsibility to debt, now you can create an image of a responsible borrower, backed up with proper documents.


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