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Whip rebranding

Whisk Dessert Co., formerly located at the southwest end of Sir Winston Churchill Avenue in a small shopping center, was renamed Whisk Bakeshop and Coffeehouse and moved to downtown St. Albert.

Over a year ago, new owners purchased the mall at the old Whisk location. They quickly increased the rent for the store by $ 1,000 per month.

“My lease expired in January 2021 and it was not conducive for me to renew it. It was a secluded place. Much of my business was in personalized cakes and wedding cakes and it fell during COVID, ”said Jennifer Gray. She opened her new boutique on August 17th.

After 40 years designing custom cakes, the St. Albert resident retired from specialty cake making. However, it continues to sell ready-made cakes, baked goods, savory items, pies, macaroons, and various spinning sweets.

The trendy but elevated 2,000-square-foot venue also has a dog-friendly outdoor patio.

“We make high quality baked goods, but we are not a posh bakery. We are laid back and we want a place where everyone feels comfortable. I don’t think you can find a better location than to be in a professional building. It’s great for us.

Whisk is located at # 1 Tache Street, Grandin Park Plaza, Professional Building, Sir Winston Churchill Avenue.

Wedding ideas and gifts

Undeterred by the effects of the pandemic on businesses, St. Albert businesswoman Sandra Cassios, owner of Sandra Bettina Weddings & Events, has opened a second downtown business under the name Xo & Mane Shop.

“During the time when things got scary and uncertain, it helped clear my mind. Instead of focusing on the horrible reality, it gave me peace of mind and made me forget things. What was the worst that could happen? I would have a bruised ego and a bruised bank account. Not keeping up with the things I wanted to do was scarier for me, “Cassios said.

Xo, which opened on July 17, offers the organization of weddings but is above all a gift shop for all occasions for adults and children.

“The opportunity presented itself. I don’t believe I would have had the space without COVID. It is a good location. It’s a good size, ”said Cassios, a professional wedding planner.

“Here at Xo & Mane, you can celebrate the small moments of everyday life as well as the big ones. Here you can get your pretty piece for the day.

The store is at 103 – 20, rue Perron.

Pharmacy quality rather than quantity

A new pharmacy opened on August 11 in the Boutiques Boudreau complex. Unlike the big drugstore chains that offer food, personal care items, jewelry, gifts, books, and assorted items, People’s Pharmacy # 8058 primarily focuses on prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, home care and specialty health items.

“A pharmacy is not just medicine. With my practice, I am not getting the volume, but I want to provide personalized service. I have worked in large pharmacies and know what is missing. I have fewer products, but I offer more personalized service, ”said owner Panchakshri Mole.

He graduated in pharmacy in India and moved to Canada, developing experience as a manager at Rexall and as a pharmacist at Shoppers Drug Mart. As part of Mole’s focus on health, People’s Pharmacy is one of two sites in St. Albert offering rapid antigen testing for COVID-19.

The People’s Pharmacy is located at 120 – 140 Bellerose Dr.


• Fewer and more expensive Christmas toys

Get ready for potentially fewer but more expensive toys this Christmas. Material supply issues, labor shortages and crippling shipping delays have crippled North American toy companies. Demand is always great at Christmas. Toy makers urge parents to buy early to avoid disappointment and higher prices.

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