Busy business in the Lake District


A flag was recently erected at the Lake District to welcome visitors to the development. Image courtesy of the Lake District Facebook page.

The planets seem to be aligning for The Lake District, where five businesses have opened in the past two months. According to developer Yehuda Netanel, more openings are expected soon.

Last weekend, the Chosen Lines store was well received by shoppers and Olive House Mediterranean Grocery opened its doors to great fanfare when nearly three hundred customers showed up for their grand opening. Both stores have added much-needed options for Lakeland shoppers who until now didn’t have a local clothing store or many dining options, but thankfully that’s growing.

In a few weeks, three more businesses will open, all three serving a variety of uses. The Stretch Lab, Lake District Wine and Liquors and Gloss Nail Bar are in the final stages of construction and can’t wait to open. Several stores are already open and operating in the Lake District including Starbucks, Frost Bake Shop, Boba Society, Cycle Bar and Activate IV and Cryotherapy.

Later this fall, a full-service restaurant will open, Villa Castrioti. As the name suggests, this will be Italian cuisine and the second location for a popular restaurant in Cordoba.

Looking ahead, 2023 is expected to continue construction in the Lake District along with other openings. Construction in the outer lots along Canada and I-40 is set to begin and this will include a variety of new business types. What is certain is that Lakeland is on the map for many people who have never visited our town and the excitement for the Lake District is just as high outside of Lakeland as it is inside. from the city. This is a very strong sign for development.


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