Can Hellmann’s Mayo save us from a butter shortage?


Did you know there should be a shortage of butter just in time for the holidays? And if so, Hellmann’s has some suggestions for replacing butter in some of our everyday cooking creations.

It’s true, in a number of dishes and baked goods, we can swap the butter for Hellmann’s mayonnaise and get a delicious side dish, cake, or sandwich as if the butter were involved (and in some cases it makes our even better baked dishes and treats). If you’ve never tried this before, we have some ideas to help break the ice and make this mayonnaise work for you!

In the past, we used Hellmann’s to coat the pork chops before adding the shake and bake or even just the seasoned breadcrumbs. And we even used mayonnaise instead of butter to make grilled cheese sandwiches (instead of putting butter in a pan, we covered the bread in mayonnaise and fried it that way).

But that’s not the only way to replace butter with mayonnaise. And luckily for us, Hellmann’s had some suggestions for us.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise can replace butter in a number of baking and baking applications

So what Hellmann’s hacks does the brand have for us?

First, they recommend removing the butter from the mashed potatoes and using mayonnaise instead. Mayonnaise will make mashed potatoes creamier and even give it a richer flavor overall.

Another way to replace butter is in your chocolate cake mix. In fact, the brand actually has a recipe for a super rich chocolate cake that uses mayonnaise to add moisture and even help enrich the flavor. If you’ve never tried them, we recommend you try them at least once (after we were reminded we could do it, we tried it and it turned out pretty good).

Overall, it seems like the best way to use mayonnaise as a replacement for butter is in pasta and dough recipes. And that makes sense to us. But that’s not the only way to make it work, and we love it as a way to add richness and moistness to everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to any sandwich we make. fry for a bit of richness and crispiness.

Plus, since we’re heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas, turkey will definitely be on the menu. And instead of putting butter under your turkey’s skin, why not opt ​​for some mayonnaise to help make that skin crispy and delicious.

There are many ways to use Hellmann’s Mayonnaise and if we’re really facing a butter shortage, it may come in handy this holiday season.

What do you think of Guilty Eaters? Will you be replacing butter with mayonnaise in recipes this holiday season? Have you ever used mayonnaise instead of butter in your recipes? We want to know!


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