Capella Hotels and Resorts expands to Japan


WHY IT RATES: The Capella Kyoto will signify the brand’s first property in Japan. —Janeen Christoff, TravelPulse Senior Writer

Open mid-2025, Capella Hotels and Resorts will debut in Japan with Capella Kyoto. Designed by world-renowned architectural firm, Kengo Kuma and Associates, the luxurious two-basement, four-story, 92-room hotel will be located in the Miyagawa-cho district, a major geiko (geisha) and maiko (apprentice geisha). and cultural treasure in Kyoto.

Defined by the flourishing of Japanese arts, Capella Kyoto reflects the culture of Higashiyama through its curation of Japanese artwork and artifacts. Each unique piece and its story are framed by the hotel’s interior design and architecture, providing a showcase of Higashiyama’s aesthetic delights. The rooms themselves draw attention to core aspects of Japanese culture — such as the tea ceremony — giving guests a more personal, immersive experience.

Located next to the famous Kenninji Temple and a stone’s throw from the bustling Nishiki Market and the famous Yasaka Shrine, Capella Kyoto fully embodies its local surroundings. As guests navigate the hotel, they’ll find intimate spaces contrasted with larger views. The layers of space they traverse echo important elements of Japanese art and architecture such as composition, balance and harmony. Combined with the soothing hues and textures of Capella Kyoto’s interior design, guests can expect a soothing atmosphere where time seems to slow down. The Japanese garden courtyard that sits at the center of the hotel was designed with this exact sentiment in mind. Nicknamed ichigo-ichie (one life, one moment), the bamboo forest, Japanese maple and pebble shore create an idyllic setting.

Beneath the Japanese Garden is the Capella Ballroom, a beautiful rhythm with a tiered internal rock garden serving as a pre-function area. Capella’s Auriga Spa is next door, with spa rooms for guests to pamper themselves while enjoying a taste of Japan’s famous bathing culture – relax in the comfort of private rooms Ofuro.

Dine at the main restaurant, set around the garden next to the signature Capella Living Room; or the Japanese restaurant, tucked away in the southeast corner of the hotel. Other dining options include the hotel’s patisserie as well as its lobby bar.

Developed by NTT Urban Development Corporation, a comprehensive real estate company within the NTT Group, Capella Kyoto is the hotel component of a development that cements it between Miyagawa-cho Kaburenjo, an opera that features famous female geiko and maiko dances such as the Kyo-Odori and Miyagawa Maiko Performance School.

“Our partnership with Capella Hotel Group, which operates luxury hotels around the world, has been extremely exciting and we look forward to opening the first Capella hotel in Japan, in the old district of Kyoto. Built on the site of the beloved Shindo Elementary School, Capella Kyoto will be the one to revive the region’s memory and culture and create new values,” said Hiroshi Tsujigami, President and CEO of NTT Urban Development. Corporation.

“We are thrilled to work with NTT Urban Development Corporation to bring Capella’s unique offerings and immersive experiences to Japan,” said Cristiano Rinaldi, President of Capella Hotel Group. “Filled with culture and heritage, Kyoto is the perfect place to establish a presence in Japan, as the city is very much aligned with the visionary preservation of culture and group experience.”

THE SOURCE: Press release Capella Hotels and Resorts.


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