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Loan of the bank

We are happy to help. On what terms and conditions or loans from private, an on-line loan from the bank or a promotional loan? Until the payment of a loan, which steps are taken? Loan from home, an online loan from the bank or rather a promotional loan?

Lending process

What measures are taken before a loan is paid?

 What measures are taken before a loan is paid?

How does it work until a loan is paid? The Constructioner Bank provides information on its website on its …. A rental of runs according to certain standards. Every lender wants to know and above all to ensure that the loan amount is paid back. In particular, there are no blue credits in the blue. But it’s not like you can imagine.

The legislator wants to counteract this circumstance that the citizen does not blame circumstances on his Internet side. It is therefore generally important that the financial situation is always designed so that repayment of the loan is very likely to be guaranteed. In doing so, the bank must sign the necessary checks of the borrower in detail.

Therefore, the interested party turns to a bank of his choice and justifies his credit request. The net salary serves the bank as a basis and deducts the regular living expenses such as rent, insurance premiums, telephone maintenance obligations or existing partial payments. The remaining income must be sufficient to meet the liabilities from the requested loan to meet.

In most cases, at least the most recent income tax assessment is required. In addition, the place of work must prove to be secure, since it forms the basis for the care of the loan. Schufa will also inform the bank. This should not contain any negative entries that indicate the operation of the new credit as at risk. The bank demands the handing over of the vehicle registration certificate as a guarantee in vehicle financing.

In the case of real estate financing, the borrower must order a land charge in favor of the bank in addition to the notarization of land documents. The bank generally cedes the salary claims of the borrower against the principal of the borrower as far as they cover the amount due to the borrower as a pledged amount. However, the bank will inform the client at the earliest in case of over the commission, if the loan becomes without profit.

Secured credit for individuals

Secured credit for individuals

A credit limit backed by the seizure of the securities we hold. These can be, for example, account balances, listed securities or life insurance. Do you also have assets that you can deposit as collateral? The secured loan is then the right choice. You will receive a credit limit in the course of the securities provided to us, which you can use according to your wishes.

We accept account balances, listed securities, life insurance or other securities as collateral. Depending on your needs, we extend this volume of credit to your private account or as stand-alone lending volume at normal market conditions. You always have a transparent overview of the cash flow and the interest costs due according to the use of the loan. The secured loan offer gives you more opportunities.

All with secured credit limit and individual equipment. No matter if private account or separate loan – you decide how the loan is paid. At this point, we present you with more options for your loan or retirement plans.


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