Don’t bother peeling peaches for your pies


While it’s absolutely acceptable (and expected) that you don’t peel peaches for recipes like Peach Cheesecake Summer Toast or Grilled Peach Salad, there seems to be a gray area when it comes to peaches. is to peel the peaches for a cooked preparation. However, Eat Like No One Else subscribes to a no-peel philosophy, humorously (but also rightly) noting that leaving the skins on the peaches retains much of the fruit’s nutrients, making your baked goods a healthier indulgence. .

The aptly named Unpeeled Journal agrees that leaving peaches unpeeled is the best approach to peach pies and other baked goods for greater flavor and richer color. Unpeeled Journal also mentions that peaches are different from other fruits with a heartier skin ⁠—instead of remaining solid and potentially tough, peach skins are more likely to break down during cooking.

If that’s not enough to leave the peeler in the drawer, Southern Living says, in its opinion, cooks who believe that peaches must first be peeled before using them is a common misconception a person should correct. to save time and any hesitation in taking on a fishing recipe. When it comes to baking, the site is also in favor of peaches with the skin on, saying that leaving the peach skins intact will actually add texture to your final baked dish.

So put down that peeler and get to work creating easier versions of a summer peach pie, a peach cobbler with blackberries, or a peach crisp. Need inspiration? Pick up a comprehensive fishing-centric cookbook to work through the summer.


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