Etoile Patisserie celebrates Mawlid Al-Nabawi on Cairo billboards, with Mohamed Anwar | INSITE OOH media platform


Roads and billboards seem happier and happier than ever as our beloved’s birthday approaches Muhammad the prophet. All the Pastry shops are preparing to decorate the billboards with new campaigns to join the Mawlid Al-Nabawi festival. starThe outdoor advertising campaign was the first to take over the OOH arena after bringing joy to Cairo billboards with its happiness app, featuring Mustafa Elbana AKA Safaan in his latest OOH campaign.

The visuals are engulfed by festive vibes, featuring the star of “Masrah Masr” or “مسرح مصر”, Mohamed anwar in pink and white costume holding that of the Star Mawlid candy with a smile on her face that expresses happiness. The visuals feature a background that features a folk design of the Mawlid celebrations that is rooted in our authentic Egyptian culture.

This campaign appeared on billboards in Greater Cairo with the slogan “مولد يا سادة هي دي السعادة” which represents the jingle that appeared in the advertisement posted on Youtube. The motto is translated to “C’est Mawlid, c’est le bonheur”, with the accompanying advertising copy offering the Etoile hotline for orders, which can also be done through the new Etoile delivery application. .

Want to dig deeper into the details of Etoile’s OOH campaign? You can find out more (like display types, types, media plan, budget, locations) by visiting Out-of-home surveillance (MOOH), the media intelligence company OOH dedicated to Cairo.

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