Everything you need to know about the chef’s table: pizza


According to People, “Chef’s Table: Pizza” will consist of six 45-minute episodes each featuring a different pizza maker. Pizza might be a fairly common meal, but the show will spotlight the chefs who have made pizza-making a high-level art. Fans of the show can expect to see chefs Franco Pepe (whose pizzeria in Caiazzo, Italy, Pepe In Grani, is widely regarded as one of the best pizza destinations in the dish’s home country ), Gabriele Bonci, Chris Bianco, Ann Kim, Yoshihiro Imai and Sarah Minnick. From Kyoto to Arizona, every chef has their own style, their own technique, their own unique story, and their own idea of ​​what makes perfect pizza.

Is there really enough material to squeeze an entire season of “Chef’s Table” into one dish?” All signs point to it. The United States seems to have an insatiable appetite for pizza. In 2016, the Americans have named pizza their favorite comfort food (via CNBC), and according to Food Network, the average American eats 6,000 slices of pizza in their lifetime (that’s 750 eight-slice pizzas). The tastiest versions of this iconic food being created around the world can tune in to “Chef’s Table: Pizza” September 7 on Netflix.


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