Farm & Coast Market will expand to a new production facility


Dartmouth’s friendly neighborhood market is experiencing local expansion.

Farm & Coast Market, a mainstay of Padanaram for the past five years, has outgrown its modest kitchen and expanded to a new location in Friendly’s old building at 631 Dartmouth St.

“We’re busy enough to need a bigger kitchen,” said general manager Jodi Cote. “We knew after a few years that we were going to outgrow our production space.”

She explained that while the new facility won’t be a retail space, customers will notice the difference in the increased variety – and better availability – of items at their Bridge Street location.

“It will give us the opportunity to do new items,” Côté said, noting that they plan to add homemade ice cream, seafood and more ready-to-cook meals to their offerings, as well as a few other things ‘that we’ I’m keeping a secret for now.

As well as more stock and new products, Cote said Farm & Coast will also be looking to expand their catering business – where they believe they have the capacity to cover larger events such as weddings – and other initiatives such as cooking classes, private dinners and full-course takeout.

“We’re very in tune with what customers are saying and reacting to it,” she said, explaining that they’re sure to find new ways to use the space that they haven’t yet considered.

The new production facility is currently undergoing extensive renovations after being vacant for about 10 years, according to Cote.

“We basically had to empty it,” Côté said. “But we hope to be moved in by May.”

When complete, the facility will double the current kitchen space, triple the cooling space and house the company’s offices and storage, she said.

The renovation is being handled by Dartmouth-based contractor RP Valois, which Cote says is in line with Farm & Coast’s commitment to keep its business as local as possible.

“We want to be the place of the community, so we try to hire as locally as possible,” she said. “It was our mission since we started and it will continue.”

Cote said that although company owner Per Lofberg lives in Dartmouth, he is originally from Sweden and started the company on the old-world philosophy of a face-to-face community grocery store.

“The idea for the market – and why we called it Farm & Coast – is because we wanted it to go back to the days when you went to the butcher shop to get your meat and the bakery to get your produce from bakery.” Côté said. “We wanted to tie it all together, almost like a little farmers market under one roof.”


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