Find out which snacks dietitian Sammi Haber Brondo thinks will pass the lunchbox test


Nutrition NY Founder and Registered Dietitian Sammi Haber Brondo wants to help parents keep their children healthy. Based in New York City, Brondo has partnered with Natures Bakery to help raise awareness about creating healthy snacking habits to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our diets.

The solution is to find lunch snacks that are made with real ingredients, that are healthy and, more importantly, that the kids will actually eat. With all the options available, how do you know which lunchbox snacks pass the test? Check out the interview below to see Sammi’s responses!

PH: What do you think is the main thing that children lack in their diet?

SHB: Every child is different, but I think a nutrient that is often overlooked is fat. And dietary fat is so important for growing children! You can add more to children’s diets with foods like nut or seed butter, avocado, and olive oil.

PH: Most parents feel that in order for their children to have a healthy and balanced breakfast, they should incorporate raw vegetables of some sort. What are healthy snacks for parents but also tasty for children?

SHB: I think parents don’t need to add raw vegetables to make a well-balanced lunch! Try roasted vegetables with different dips, like hummus or edamame dip. You can also try snack bars like Nature’s Bakery Baked-Ins – they’re organic and made with real fruits and vegetables and whole grains, but they taste like delicious baked goods.

PH: What makes some products a great alternative for parents who opt for applesauce in their child’s lunchbox?

SHB: Instead of applesauce, parents can try other easy fruits like sliced ​​strawberries, kiwi, or even pear puree of the same consistency. Pair these foods with things like pretzels, crackers, and / or nut or seed butter.

PH: I see your delicious recipes on Instagram! Most kids and teens have a hard time getting up in the morning and getting ready on time, making a healthy snack can take a long time, what are some healthy snacks they can just grab and go?

SHB: This is another time a Nature’s Bakery bar would be awesome! They don’t melt or crumble, making them the perfect on-the-go snack. Other easy snacks include fruits that you can grab and eat, like bananas or apples, popcorn, or even string cheese. And as an added bonus, all of these snacks are great options for adults as well.

PH: How did your partnership with Nature’s Bakery come about?

SHB: The Nature’s Bakery team contacted me a few months ago and introduced me to their new Baked-Ins bars. I fell in love instantly. In fact, I often had to hide them around my kitchen so they wouldn’t get eaten before I needed them for the partnership! It was an easy decision to partner with them – not only did I love the taste of the bars, but I also loved their quality and the fact that I could share them with my daughter.

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