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Cake Sera Sera owner Shanni-Lea McLeod said she can’t wait to share her locally inspired treat with the community during the Taste Bundaberg festival.

Immerse yourself in the sweet flavors of the Bundaberg region and delight your taste buds along the dessert route at this year’s Taste Bundaberg festival.

Several local businesses have included a special “dessert of taste” in their menu to share with the community during the 10 days of the festival.

Friends and family can enjoy a strawberry shortcake from Cake Sera Sera, an artisan fudge from Cha Cha Chocolate, a New York-inspired cookie from The Cookie Daze, or a custard tart in delicious chocolate and macadamia flavors at One Little Farm, just to name a few.

Cake Sera Sera owner Shanni-Lea McLeod said she can’t wait to share her locally inspired treat with the community during the Taste Bundaberg festival.

“I am very happy to participate in this local event,” she said.

“I created a strawberry shortbread, so it’s special and unique for the Fête du Goût.

“I normally make a vanilla shortbread, but when I was offered to participate in the Dessert Route with local products, there were many options, and I thought the cookies were a little different and I incorporated local strawberries.

“The shortbread cookies have a pretty strong strawberry flavor because I used SSS Strawberries freeze-dried strawberries and Bargara Berries jam to hold the icing on the cookie.

“It was also amazing working with Mel from Cha Cha, where my Strawberry Cookies will be available.”

Shanni-Lea said it was a privilege to live in an area where fruits and vegetables were readily available at an affordable price.

She said it was no wonder the Taste Bundaberg festival is a highlight of the local annual events calendar.

“It’s always good to support local businesses and I do everything I can,” Shanni-Lea said.

“We have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, which are not expensive, right here at our doorstep.

“Events like Taste not only engage the community, but they’re also great for tourism and help put our region on the map.”

bundaberg dessert trail
Sera Cake Sera owner Shanni-Lea McLeod.

Events Portfolio spokesman Cr John Learmonth said the new dessert route gave local businesses the opportunity to tempt the taste buds of the community even more during the 10 days of festivities.

He said each of the seven businesses involved featured on a special menu in the Taste Bundaberg festival programme, with dessert lovers encouraged to visit all to satisfy their dessert cravings.

“From artisanal ice cream or fudge to pancakes and cookies, the Taste dessert menu has something for everyone,” said Cr Learmonth.

“Community members will have the chance to follow the menu throughout the ten days of Taste and sample a variety of flavors.”

The Dessert Trail aims to provide the community with a new opportunity to experience and sample the culinary delights of Bundaberg and the treats on offer.

Cr Learmonth said the new initiative offered companies the chance to participate in the festival on a smaller scale – by creating a dessert exclusive to the ten days of the festival, made with at least 75% local produce.

Taste the Bundaberg Festival Dessert Trail

1. Artisan Gelato by Bargara Berries at 104 Hoods Rd, Meadowvale.

2. Strawberry Flavored Shortbread Cookie by Cake Sera Sera at Cha Cha Chocolate, 84 Bourbong St.

3. Handmade fudge by Cha Cha Chocolate at 84 Bourbong Street.

bundaberg dessert trail
Cha Cha Chocolate will offer sweet treats as part of the Taste Bundaberg festival.

4. Blueberry Pancakes by Indulge Cafe at 80 Bourbong Street.

5. Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart Pastry by One Little Farm at 3/133 Bargara Rd, Bundaberg East.

6. Big New York style cookies by The Cookie Daze at Taste Bundaberg Festival Farmers Market, Bundaberg Recreational Precinct.

7. Gourmet cupcakes and macaroons by The Cupcake Girls.

In addition to the dessert route, the Taste Bundaberg 2022 festival will offer a busy culinary program from August 5 to 14.

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