Former SpaceX Employees Created Automated Pizza Joint On Wheels


Stellar Pizza, the latest innovation in pizza, is courtesy of three former SpaceX engineers. Benson Tsai, Brian Langone, and James Wahawisan came up with the idea for an automated pizzeria on wheels and enlisted 23 other former SpaceX employees to help make the concept a reality.

Instead of opening a traditional restaurant, they created an automated service to deliver pizza directly to consumers. Stellar Pizza’s pizzas are prepared in five minutes by robots in a food truck en route to the customer. And while this team is very analytical, they took taste into account as well, bringing in Executive Chef Ted Cizma to oversee the ingredients and come up with recipes.

Those who wish to try Stellar Pizza will be able to do so early next year. The automated pizza chain will employ a team of automated modular trucks and have a mobile app for ordering. Stellar Pizza hopes to continue to innovate in the weeks, months and years to come, adding more food to its menu in the future.

Stellar Pizza isn’t the first company to capitalize on pizza automation. PizzaForno recently landed in the United States after finding success in Canada and other places. The company, which expands its North American reach in the years to come, is made up of pizza vending machines that make delicious pizza in a snap for hungry people wherever they are.


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