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With the news that iconic host Paul Hollywood may be retiring his signature handshake, fans might be wondering what else awaits them. The Great British Bake Off as season 13 approaches. It’s fair to call The Great British Bake Off a global phenomenon. He made his judges into superstars, introduced the world to the talents of Sue Perkins and Mel Gedroic, and turned ordinary home bakers into real household names.

Getting to the Pastry shop tent is impressive, but the dream is to win the coveted Star Baker title and that Hollywood handshake. Although the title of Star Baker is not as prestigious as winning the whole competition, it is a sought after and remarkable achievement among the contestants.


12 Edd Kimber (Series 1) – N/A

Edd Kimber smiling

Edd competed before the Star Baker concept was introduced, but that didn’t stop him from dominating Series 1. Edd was named one of the judges’ favorites in three of the five weeks leading up to the finals and was only named “least favourite” once.

He dominated the Technical Challenge, placing in the top two three times in the first five weeks before impressing in the final with his cinnamon-banana cupcakes and elegant petit fours. Since winning, Edd has written four cookbooks and made several television appearances.

11 David Atherton (series 10) – 0 star Baker wins

David Atherton holding flowers and the cake stand after winning GBBS

The only baker to date to have won the competition without winning Star Baker (since its introduction), David has been a five-time favorite of the judges (despite having one of the worst bakes ever). Pastry shop), only being in the bottom three once.

He excelled in the technical challenges, placing in the top two seven times heading into the final. In the finale, her Showstopper Illusion Picnic Basket was well received by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Since Pastry shophe wrote a food column for The Guardian newspaper, three children’s cookbooks and a fourth book promoting healthy eating.

ten Joanne Wheatley (Series 2) – 1 Star Victory Baker

Joanne Wheatley cooking in the GBBS tent

With Series 2 introducing the Star Baker accolade, the pressure was on to claim the title in every episode. Joanne won Star Baker in Week 6 (Desserts), impressing the judges with her Signature Rum and Raisin Cheesecake and Showstopper Limoncello and White Chocolate Croquembouche, as well as first place in the Technical.

Since winning, Joanne has written two cookbooks, as well as newspaper and magazine columns. She also runs a cooking school and has cooked on UK TV shows such as The only show.

9 John Whaite (Series 3) – 1 Star Victory Baker

John Whaite dries the cake on Great British Bake Off

Despite winning the competition (claiming Star Baker in week two), student John was a consistent mid-range performer, finding himself advancing unimpressed (and suffering a medical emergency during the competition. ). His win came during Bread Week, a tough week to impress Paul Hollywood. John triumphed with a selection of Indian-influenced breads and impressed by combining sweet and savory bagels for the Showstopper.

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Since Pastry shop, John graduated from university and attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu school in London. He founded a cooking school and made several appearances on television, reaching the final of Come dance strictly United Kingdom.

8 Frances Quinn (Series 4) – 1 Star Baker Win

Frances Quinn holding her chin and looking aside

The image of Frances looking sadly at her lopsided cake in the 2013 final is one of the iconic images Pastry shop pictures. Despite this, Frances triumphed with her signature three-tiered wedding cake and rainbow picnic pie. Her victory at Star Baker came during Baking Week, impressing with her music-inspired Showstopper and Signature Fig Pudding, despite a poor showing in technique.

After her victory, Frances published her book “Quintesential Baking”, as well as baking for prestigious clients such as illustrator Quentin Blake. She appears regularly on television and radio in the UK and is an ambassador for the Cream Tea Society.

seven Nancy Birtwhistle (Series 5) – 1 star Baker Win

Great British Bake-Off: Judges Paul and Mary alongside winner Nancy

Nancy became the oldest ever Pastry shop winner when she won in 2014 at the age of 60. She impressed Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in opening week (Cake), with her Signature Coffee and Hazelnut, and showed an affinity for classic British sweets with her Jaffa Cake Showstopper. Despite a lackluster performance in the remaining weeks, Nancy’s consistency carried her to the final, where she reveled in her impressive “Red Windmill” candy sculpture.

As well as a cookbook, Nancy has also written a home help book, focusing on eco-friendly tips and advice. Nancy teaches pastry across the UK and has contributed to various national newspapers.

6 Peter Sawkins (series 11) – 2 star Baker wins

Peter Swakins in the GBBS tent

The youngest winner in the history of the competition, Peter has two Star Baker victories. Impressive in the first (Cake) and ninth (Pastry) weeks, Peter showed a flair for gluten-free recipes, earning praise from the judges for his Chocolate and Orange Battenberg and Strawberry and Strawberry Babas. Elderflower.

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Peter was consistent in technique, with five top-two finishes going into the final, where his slices of custard and his “Bonkers Bubble Cake” helped him win the trophy. Since the show, Peter has graduated from college with a degree in accounting and published his first cookbook, baked stone in 2021.

5 Sophie Faldo (Series 8) – 2 Star Baker Wins

Sophie Faldo outside the tent after winning GBBS

Former British Army officer Sophie will be remembered for her superb baking, especially her Showstopper “Snakes and Ladders” during Biscuit Week. As well as taking on Star Baker for her puddings, Sophie impressed during Patisserie Week, receiving top marks for her Showstopper meringue and rhubarb puffs. Sophie was crowned winner ahead of Kate Lyon and Stephen Carter-Bailey.

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Since the show, Sophie has started her own business, Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, specializing in luxury cakes, dessert tables and wedding cakes.

4 Rahul Mandal (Series 9) – 2 Star Baker Wins

Rahul Mandal in GBBS tent

Rahul’s shy and sweet demeanor made him a fan favorite in 2018. He impressed early on, winning back-to-back Star Baker titles in weeks two and three before being selected as one of the least successful bakers. favorites of the judges in weeks eight and nine (after battling one of the Pastry shop’the most difficult technical challenges). Rahul’s has been consistent ahead of these weeks, featuring citrus-inspired treats during Cake Week and an exquisite Korovai showtopper to win Bread Week. Rahul defeated fellow fan favorites Kim-Joy and Ruby in the final.

Since his victory, Rahul has become a columnist for both The temperature newspaper and The Times magazine and made several television appearances.

3 Giuseppe Dell’Anno (Series 12) – 2 Star Baker Victories

Giuseppe Dell'Anno Great British Pastry Fair

In what became a two-horse race between German national treasure Juergen and Italian powerhouse Giuseppe, Series 12 of Pastry shop was closely fought. Giuseppe impressed with his Italian-inspired recipes and his aptitude for bread week (one of Star Baker’s two wins). Although he only won two Star Baker crowns compared to three for Juergen, he showed talent and flair, even winning a Star Baker crown above Jurgen in German week, much to the surprise of the judge. After Juergen’s exit in one of the Pastry shopmost controversial eliminations, Giuseppe won the final with his Mad Hatter tea show.

After his victory, Guiseppe resumed his work as an engineer in Milan and continues to share his pastries via Instagram. Having recently contributed (alongside judges Paul and Prue) to an upcoming cookbook A pastry for all seasonsGuiseppe announced her own cookbook, Giuseppe’s Italian pastries, to be published in October.

2 Nadiya Hussain (series 6) – 3 star baker wins

Nadiya smiling after winning GBBS

Nadiya Hussain is one of Pastry shopthe most popular contestants of, taking the crown with three Star Baker wins in 2015. Impressive in week five (Alternative Ingredients), Nadiya showed a knack for non-traditional baking methods, including a technical first-place finish ( gluten-free pita bread) and well-received sugar-free and dairy-free pastries. She won accolades for her pastry in the eighth week and for her exquisite centerpiece in the semi-finals (chocolate). Nadiya showed her talent in the finale, wow with cardamom and almond buns, alongside a phenomenal wedding cake.

Since Pastry shopHussain has written three cookbooks, a novel, an autobiography and co-edited BBC good food. She has directed several television shows and was a judge in the fourth series of Junior Pastry shop. Hussain was awarded an MBE in 2020.

1 Candice Brown (Series 7) – 3 Star Baker Wins

Former teacher Candice won the title in 2016 despite struggling in the first week. Throughout the competition, Candice weathered a few storms to ultimately win the royal-themed final. His Star Baker victories came during Biscuits Week (despite finishing eighth technically), Pastry Week (showcasing his incredible use of flavor with a selection of sweet and savory appetizers) and Tudor Week, with his historically inspired cheese fish.

Candice has since bought a pub and become a successful author and TV personality, publishing two cookbooks and cooking on numerous UK daytime TV shows.

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