Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop rewarded


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Sudbury-based Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop has been recognized as the winner of the Global Round of International Wedding Awards, an award given to distinguished cake decorators from around the world. Winners are selected based on customer reviews and wedding portfolios from the past calendar year. Guilty Pleasures enjoys a five star rating on all wedding platforms.

Content of the article

“It was so wonderful to work on so many weddings this summer after the hiatus we all felt in 2020,” said Justine Martin, owner of the bakery. “By working with certain clients for more than three years, you develop an intimate and intimate relationship. Seeing them finally marry, much after three or even four postponements, is so gratifying. The support we continue to receive from our community never ceases to amaze me.

Martin said she was “beyond proud” of the work her team has accomplished since its inception.

“I am more than proud of the work our team has done over the past four years and continue to be grateful to the over 200 amazing couples who not only made us part of their very special day, but who have taken time out of their busy lives to leave reviews to us, helping us reach more and more people, ”she commented.

Guilty Pleasures Bakeshop was also recognized at the local round of the International Wedding Awards earlier this year.


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