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Follow all the Eid festivities and enjoy El Abd Pastrythis is delicious kahk and delicious desserts, the beloved Egyptian pastry is back with a fan favorite, only better. El Abd releases its new vanilla cookies with deliciously cherished chocolate chunks.

As everyone may know and love El Abd’s original chocolate cookies with chocolate chunks, the food service the brand has twisted, mixed and matched it to offer you a new addition. In the new vanilla pieces and spaces, El Abd Patisserie has used its original pops of color, bubble gum pink and blue, which symbolize a simple yet savory taste, emphasizing the simplistic price but explosive taste of the cookies. The cookies are presented in such an appetizing way that they entice the public to try El Abd’s new creation. The ad copy notes the campaign’s slogan in Arabic, which roughly translates to “Before it was chocolate, now it’s vanilla.” As we used to the brand clearly exposing the CTA (call-to-action), the “16437” hotline.

The campaign reminded us of when the products first appeared on billboards in 2019, when they first introduced the product. Another campaign for the product sprung up on the roads of Cairo in 2021.

[AD] There are brands that can acquire a specific product or industry until the consumer still unconsciously associates this product with this brand, and this is precisely the case with El Abd. For 48 years, the pastry brand has been serving delicious products. For decades, downtown hangouts have always been crowned with 3 scoops of El Abd ice cream. Or maybe a succulent danish for a nice outing. Not to mention the brand’s famous kahk box that every Egyptian household had on Eid day. El Abd is not just a confectionery. It is a historical place loaded with souvenirs and quality products. What is remarkable about El Abd is that they follow the digital age. as the brand launched its online store via the official website www.elabdfoods.com or through third-party food ordering apps.

El Abd biscuits are a very famous product, and it may be one of their best sellers of all time. The novelty of this product is that El Abd now makes vanilla. Along with this new product, they reintroduced the chocolate flavor to become our new favorite duo from El Abd, with the rise of 2 types of cookies.

You can easily get them in hypermarkets and supermarkets or order them online! The real question is, can you decide which flavor is your favorite?

[AD] OOH agency OUTSITE managed to use all types and sizes of OOH in this campaign; they have extended the campaign well over Greater Cairo; the campaign covers many areas of the city, rolling out traditional and digital accordingly. The campaign focused on certain suburbs, such as Nasr City. And speaking of tactical coverage, the brand caught our attention with its sequence of billboards around the entrance to Carrefour Maadi announcing the opening of its new branch at Hub 50 Mall in Maadi. As mentioned some time ago, the brand has appeared on digital screens; you will come across the countryside on Zayed Digital Boards, like El Abd emphasizes maintaining the digital parade.

ZDB is located in Zayed City, across from Hyper One on the July 26 axis. The medium is performing impressively now as it hosts this campaign right now, adding a charming perception to OOH ads of any industry or brand.

To reserve your place on Zayed Digital Boards it’s so simple, follow this link: https://outsiteooh.com/lastform/2

To learn more about El Abd Patisserie’s new campaign location, budget, strategy and more, you can take a look at our dedicated OOH Egypt & UAE review and to our Media Intelligence platform (MOOH).


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