Holiday Baking Essentials with Recipes


It’s about to be my favorite time of year and many others’: holiday baking season. Of course, of course, there’s soon a turkey to eat, followed by the best nap of the year, lots of presents to wrap, services to attend, a ball in New York, and blah blah blah – CAN WE JUST CUT TO COOKIES?! Oh, and before you think I’m prejudiced against cookies, feel free to give me all the pumpkin rolls, pies, cakes, fudge, rock candy, and brittle, too. Hey, they don’t call it “the most wonderful time of the year for nothing”.

Which brings us to our list for today, a fusion of cooking necessities, if you will. I’ve got pie weights (yes, that’s a thing), stacked cooling racks for all the space, and all the decorating supplies you’ll need…hidden in the prettiest suitcase. Roll out your dough, build your own gingerbread house from scratch, and share your creations in the cutest boxes and boxes around. Your cooking has never been better.

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worth its weight

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Although they look like tiny delicious candies, they are actually not edible. They are designed, however, to help with other delicious things. Call them pie weights or bake beans or whatever cute term you fancy, but just lay them in your unbaked pie crust (on parchment paper, please) to prevent your crust from scorching. expand too much.

Sharing is caring

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Let’s be honest: you always make too many treats during the holidays, right? (I’m not sure you’re doing it right unless you are.) This set of 12 kraft boxes is festively decorated and ready to share your bounty with friends, neighbors and co-workers. Remember that the calories shared are the calories saved… from your own waistline. Think of it as taking a leap in your New Year’s resolutions.


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There’s one time a year – and only one time – when I love cookie cutters and it’s definitely Christmas. This winter-themed eight-piece set includes a snowflake, Santa, stocking, candy cane, and awesome (fully made-up) decoration options like mittens, Christmas trees, and snowmen in gingerbread. Hang them here and save yourself the aggravation of trying to find the latest set at your grocery store.

Cool your jets

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I have the best intentions when it comes to baking: start early, space everything out, and have that slightly shiny look they exemplify in commercials. What usually happens is quite different: flour everywhere, sweat from hours in the kitchen, and 14 different recipes at the same time. This collapsible cooking rack will at least help with the last one, giving me plenty of room for cooling with a smart vertical design.

For good measure

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I can’t be the only one who starts cooking or cooking and panicking, “How many cups are there in a pint?” ! Someone answer me!” (That’s two, by the way.) And, I know it thanks to this magnetic conversion chart. You’ll never have to search for that paper you stuck in a cookbook again. It sticks right to your fridge with dry and liquid volumes, oven temperatures and more.

Roll out the mat

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You’re going to go through a lot of parchment paper, okay? Accept it, embrace it, and grab a bun every time you go grocery shopping. Or grab these food safe baking mats. These come in a set of three (or four), have assorted sizes (no cutting required), and are oven safe up to 480 degrees. Store sprays and oils; you have this cover.

Make or cook

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The holidays are not the time to run out of molds and cookie sheets. Stock up now with this 10-piece set that includes a baking pan, pizza pan, small cookie sheet, two round pans, square pan, loaf pan, large cookie sheet and baking pans. 12 and 24 cup muffins. The ceramic non-stick coating is hassle-free and everything nests together for simple cabinet storage.

line dance

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I love the simplicity of the disposable molds, but I love the cost-effectiveness of these reusable molds, which come in a variety of colors (and shapes) in a set of 36. You’ll get square, rectangular, and perfect rounds for everything. from cupcakes (duh) to mini cheesecakes to breakfast muffins and more. They are safe to use anywhere, from microwaves and ovens to freezers and dishwashers.

Child’s play

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Kids love helping out in the kitchen, but you don’t always want to let them down with your bargains. This 30-piece baking set is designed for little hands and each piece is fully functional. You’ll get tiny, human-sized spatulas, a whisk beater, brush, rolling pin, and baking pan as well as cupcake pans, chocolate molds, and more. Go ahead and put your feet up; they have everything under control.

In holiday mode

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If you’d rather keep all your adult-sized baking supplies, you can do so while bringing in some Christmas cheer with these holiday-themed spatulas. This set includes six silicone spatulas in a variety of seasonal prints. Fitted with wooden handles, they’re great for everything from making the perfect buttercream to storing in holiday baking-themed gift boxes.

On the House

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Of course, you can buy one of these premade gingerbread house kits. You know those… “cookies” with a stale taste and not decorative enough? This cookie cutter set is designed for you to build your own gingerbread house from drywall. (Wait, don’t use real drywall, okay?) You’ll have walls, floors, windows, a fireplace, and other decorating “cutters” to try.

Wax on, wax off

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Sometimes “simpler” is better, especially when the holidays are around. You have enough to do. These striped dry wax deli paper sheets are moisture, water and oil resistant, and are the perfect wrap for sharing baked goodies. Just add twine. You’ll get 120 sheets for less than $10, which is about as inexpensive as you’ll get for storing Christmas treats.

Cut the apron strings

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If you don’t look like Mrs. Claus baking for her toy-making elves as Christmas approaches, are you even a holiday baker? This set will immediately put you in the holiday spirit with a matching kitchen apron and tea towel, oven mitt and tote. All four pieces are included for just $12. It is also the perfect “white elephant” gift.

The power of the pin

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If you’re not lucky enough to have your grandma’s rolling pin, I think this rolling pin with adjustable thickness rings will do. It’s actually a really nice set with the rolling pin, baking mat and scrapers and cookie cutters to save you time and help you produce the most beautiful desserts. The adjustable rings are ideal for pizzas, pies, pies, pancakes, pastries and more.

Break the mold

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You guys are going to have the cutest small chocolates or jelly candies with these mini silicone molds in the shape of Christmas trees and gingerbread men. Each is non-stick, flexible (for easy “bursting”) and works at almost any temperature from -40℉ to 446℉. The two trays can accommodate dozens of bites, which will save you a lot of time.

When the dust settles

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You know those desserts they have at fancy restaurants, the ones that look like they’ve been dusted very gently by tiny fairies walking through the kitchen? Yeah, this dusting wand will give you the same effect… minus the flying creatures. Use it for sugar, flour and spices for an even, perfectly dusted effect. This has a perfect five-star rating on Amazon.

press forward

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I love the look you can achieve with a cookie press…although I’m completely intimidated by the whole contraption. This one from OXO is well designed with a non-slip base to keep the press stable and a transparent body to show how much dough you have left. Everything comes apart for easy filling and cleaning. You will also get 12 stainless steel discs to create a variety of patterns.

It’s the mittens

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Are you all cooked already? Say it’s not! We’re just getting started…with the season at least, even though we’re finishing our list. This set of two Christmas-themed oven mitts will come in handy for whatever time you’re about to spend in the kitchen. It would also be a great start for a Christmas gift for a colleague or teacher; just add a spatula and baking ingredients, tied together with Christmas twine.


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