In the kitchen of That French Place in Charlevoix



“We sat down and sure, you’re thinking ‘what kind of French names and things’,” said Brian Freund, describing the times he and his wife, Emily, tried to come up with a restaurant name.

They finally figured out, why fight him.

“If we call it any of those names, they’re just going to say, ‘you know, this French place,'” he said with a laugh.

It was therefore in 2015 that the restaurant was born in Charlevoix.

“A classic recipe that any grandmother in Brittany is going to have,” he said.

Brittany is the north-western region of France.

Their authentic dough as much as possible, right down to the salt.

“It’s gray sea salt from the Breton coast,” he said.

Then once mixed, it is spread on the plancha, imported from France.

On a busy day, they’ll make around 600, slipping them into these cones, because pancakes are street food in France.

“You have a wonderful view of Lake Charlevoix on either side of us, so you might as well go to the park and enjoy it,” said Brian. “There will be French people who walk into our store and say ‘wow, I didn’t think I would have a pancake like this in America.'”

This French Place is more than a creperie.

“We’re a bakery, a pastry shop, we make croissants,” Brian added.

We call him a financier because it looks like a gold bar, it’s an almond cake, so it’s very buttery and very rich and it’s one of my favorite things ”, a- he declared.

This is just one example of the many recipes they’ve developed, straight from France.

“We try to go there every year, we take cooking lessons, it’s hard work but we walk and eat,” he smiles.

They even bring their employees.

“It’s nice to have ideas every time we go there, we’re invigorated by a lot of ideas so we start trying things out and adding things to our menu every year,” said Brian.

But even with annual trips to the Eiffel Tower, there’s no place like home at That French Place.

“We feel very lucky to be in this community, the community is very supportive and we cannot imagine being anywhere else,” he said.

You can find That French Place at 212, rue Bridge in Charlevoix, or call them at 231-437-6037.

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