Increased success shows return for local businesses


GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) – Downtown Grand Valley is teeming with local businesses that have made a comeback after COVID closures and changes.

Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop recently expanded its retail space with the continued support and growth of the community. Between serving breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats, “Be Sweet” is a few scones away from having multiple locations.

“We get a lot of word of mouth publicity and people I’ve never been here before who come to see us,” shares Carrie Litz, owner of Be Sweet Cafe and Bakeshop, “Our goal is definitely not one. only store, from a business point of view. We are certainly considering and researching multiple locations. The sky is the limit for Be Sweet.

Treats for the mouth aren’t the only selling points. Triple Play Records is embarking on a successful soundtrack, experiencing more busy days than ever after more than three decades of evolving music and business.

Its large stock and variety of records appeal to regulars and new customers where every inch of the store is needed to make a profit.

“We installed 34 new supports, replaced the old supports, installed new poster supports. We added stickers, buttons, there’s a ton of inventory in the store, ”describes Matthew Cesario, director of Triple Play Records,“ We’re always ordering. In fact, we are getting ready for Christmas now because the noise on the streets is that a lot of things are going to dry up, especially electronics by Christmas.

Whether catering or retail, local businesses will meet the demand of the public. As the economy rebounds, remember that more of every dollar you spend goes toward the city when you shop and eat at local and small businesses.


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