Instagram can’t get enough of Wolfgang Puck’s edible tennis balls


If you love the realistic cake trend that has taken the internet by storm, then you’ll love the dessert served at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago pop-up restaurant at Tennis Paradise in Indian Wells, California. On Saturday, October 16, on his Instagram account, the chef dazzled many of his more than 259,000 subscribers with a video in which he showed the unique confection created by Spago pastry chef Garry Larduinat. In the clip, Puck could be seen holding a tray designed to resemble a tennis court that contained what at first glance appeared to be two real tennis balls.

However, any confusion over the dessert was quickly cleared up after the chef poured a dark red sauce over one of the bright yellow balls and sliced ​​it in half, revealing that it was in fact a treat. edible. “Unbelievable. I have never tasted such a sweet tennis ball,” exclaimed the restaurateur after tasting it. Social media subscribers were amazed.

“Very CREATIVE … THIS IS AWESOME,” one person wrote in the comments section. “This is fabulous! Well done @wolfgangpuck,” commented another fan. A third follower appeared even more astonished by the dessert, going so far as to call Puck “a mix of chef and genius”. Considering this dessert is just the latest amazing dish the chef has served in his illustrious career, which has also included Oscar catering, we totally agree.


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