Is this Canberra’s best kept secret? Discover the entirely gluten-free French pastry


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Hold the incredibly dry and unsatisfying gluten-free brownie – a French patisserie makes all our sweet dreams come true, right here in Canberra.

Has anyone else clarified this? Because I wasn’t – and anyone living with celiac disease or gluten intolerance knows the pain of watching someone bite into a perfectly prepared cake or pastry (hello, Almond Croissant from Three Mills Bakery ) while you’re stuck with a mediocre gluten-free brownie or, in some cases, nothing at all.

But while strolling through the Little Burley Markets on Saturday morning, I discovered W Patisserie. And as a large “gluten-free” sign flapped in the breeze, I gazed longingly at the passion fruit, salted caramel and dark chocolate eclairs, raspberry and coconut macaroons, and many perfect pies, and I dared to ask the question: “which of them is gluten-free?”


All. Of their. Cue the angels descending from heaven.

Created by pastry chef Kotesh, W Patisserie prepares authentic French desserts with a very special choux pastry. And from traditional eclairs with a crispy shell and smooth filling to dessert pots, including hazelnut cheesecake and apple crumble (sometimes savory quiche), nearly all offerings are gluten-free, and many are also vegan.

By heading to Little Burley Market every Saturday and Haig Park Village Markets every Sunday (and they’ll be making a special appearance at the Alliance Française French Market on Saturday November 19), you can also order the treats online, perfect for a mid-range. work week pick-me-up.

So did I try something in the end? Yes yes. And all I can say is sitting by the lake, sipping an iced coffee, and consuming a punchy gluten-free passion fruit eclair, it’s very beautiful.


What: W Pastry
When: Every Saturday and every Sunday.
Where: Little Burley Markets and Haig Park Village Markets.


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