It’s Sweet O’clock. Based on the AL-Mawlid outdoor advertising campaign by El Abd Patisserie | INSITE OOH multimedia platform


It’s time for our annual celebration of Al-mawlid Alnabawi. And this celebration wouldn’t be complete without our traditional Halawet Al-Mawlid (Al-Mawlid Al-Nabawi Treats). There are many big names to choose from. But El Abd’the situation is different. It’s about authenticity and trust in the brand, which took decades. Year after year, El Abd Food’s brand blows our minds with a creative Mawlid Campaign; for example, last yearsAhmed Adaweya and his son, the singer Mohamed Adaweya, was a total success. And speaking of which, the brand has used the same slogan, which is “sweetness from all over the world”, to affix its label to this same motto.

With a cheerful campaign like this, the choice of colors should match the cheerful tone of the brand. And in fact, the choice was very happy. You will come across beautiful solid colors such as purple, teal, mint green, and purple. In addition, you will get an overview of what pastry shop the brand’s offerings, such as the nut-stuffed “malban”, the Almawlid doll and a premium selection of all the items the brand offers this Mawlid. The happy and delicious campaign was absolute perfection, especially with the hotline that appears in the footer area as the campaign’s call to action.

[AD] El Abd is considered the pioneer brand of pastries; since 2017they sat the advertising trend of the mawlid on the OOH. The brand has proven its existence among its competitors without question with more campaigns in the last five years. El Abd is known for its authentic oriental sweets; they could find the right ingredients to globalize authentic Egyptian sweets, the reason why oriental sweets had been an essential gift from foreigners in Egypt; moreover, they could maintain a big brand with public appeal.

The department store’s OOH campaign was geo-distributed wisely; their campaigns always have a great job of planning. It targeted scattered but interconnected locations throughout Cairo and Giza to provide strategic cover.

[AD] Another catchy point concerns the campaign of the Mawlid of El Abd. Their choice of OOH medium was interesting as the brand decided to follow the international big names and showcase their premium mawlid candy using the digital method and of course the traditional way for a balanced OOH existence. You can enjoy the joyful digital campaign throughout Zayed Digital Boards

ZDB is located in Zayed City, across from Hyper One on the July 26 axis. The medium is performing impressively now as it hosts this campaign right now, adding a charming perception to OOH ads of any industry or brand. Reserving your spot on Zayed Digital Boards is so easy; just follow this link:

Want to know more about the El Abd Pâtisserie OOH campaign. You can visit Away from Home Monitoring (MOOH), the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai, to know the campaign budget, types, types, locations, etc.


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