Mamamia Gelato debuts in Tampa


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Mamamia Gelato debuts in Tampa

Hazelnut and chocolate combination, and an ice cream made of hazelnuts. 

Selene is here! Once I consumed a food item which I’d love to show you.

Mamamia Gelato has just been launched in the Artistry Apartments located in the downtown area of St. Pete. Immediately I fell in love.

  • Ice cream is very smooth. The owneris very nice.

flavors to try Try Crunchy Mamamia speculoos (chocolate almond chocolate, Pistachio, and chocolate) along with Hazelnut.

  • Each ingredient is created by hand with ingredients sourced from Italy like their cones. They also come with the flavors of cherry chocolate, pistachio and chocolate.
    • They also make waffles, baked goods, and pancakes, too.

The tale of Mamamia The store is the initial location of the shop located at Tampa Bay, but they also plan to open 6 additional stores across this region. Nice says they’re monitoring Tampa as well as St. Pete Beach.

  • The company also has three locations within the in Miami and additional locations within Africa, Asia and Europe.

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