Marshall Church Spreads Acts of Kindness During Fifth Annual Week of Love | New


When Associate Pastor Jeremy Roberts and his wife Katy Roberts were considering what their ministry should be like five years ago, the couple said they looked around and realized ministry was needed right here in their town. native. That’s why the couple hosted Immanuel Baptist Church Love Week, which held its fifth annual week of events this week in Marshall.

Pastor Roberts said the program is all about compassion and service to those around you, whether on a large, community-wide scale or through a small act of kindness.

“It’s become a big problem, and it’s grown steadily over the past five years,” said Pastor Roberts, “Our church looks forward to it every year.”

Roberts said more than 140 church members participated in the program this year, divided into six different groups tasked with different tasks.

A group of construction project volunteers worked with East Texas Open Doors, a private, nonprofit organization established in 1987 to serve children in the East Texas area. Roberts said a number of nonprofit homes needed repair work, which church members worked on for free throughout the week.

While one group of church members worked on maintenance around the houses, another group of members worked to entertain the children who lived in the houses by taking them on daily retreats, including a trip to the Michelson Museum. of Art, making tie dye projects and much more.

The construction team also undertook the project to build an awning over the Emory Street clothes closet in Marshall, where Roberts said customers had issues while waiting to use the closet outside in the elements .

Another group of volunteers worked with the New Town Neighborhood Association to match church members with community houses that needed help with yard work around their property. Roberts said the group was able to work on more than a dozen homes during the program.

Another group of volunteers, called the Random Acts of Kindness Group, spent the week spreading surprise acts of kindness and love in the community. Roberts said the group put up positive sticky notes, brought baked goods to first responders, visited a laundromat with quarters and laundry soap pods to donate, and many other acts of kindness across the community. .

The entire week of events culminated with block parties planned by Immanuel Baptist, according to Roberts, who said the church held three block parties for families this week, including one at Travis Elementary on Wednesday, David Crockett told David Crockett. Elementary School on Thursday and at Price T. Junior Elementary on Friday.

One last big community-wide block party is planned to celebrate the end of Love Week Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Marshall High School Sports Pavilion.

Roberts said each party features free food, bouncy houses, crafts and other family activities. Everyone is welcome to attend the Saturday event, which is completely free.

“What we really want to be is a blessing to the community, with everything that’s going on, we just want people to know that there’s good going on here too,” Roberts said, “And that doesn’t Mustn’t stop after Love Week is over, just pay a little each day to spread this message forever to Marshall.


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