Mum-of-three, 45, remained furious after Uber Eats driver kept her wedding ring after finding her in a bakery


A mother of three became furious after an Uber Eats employee found her wedding ring – and refused to return it.

Devastated, Satoko Numachi was told that the driver was going to flog her precious jewelry online.


Satoko Numachi dropped her ring outside a bakery in Hammersmith, West London,Credit: collection
The ring was found by an Uber Eats delivery driver


The ring was found by an Uber Eats delivery driverCredit: collection

The 45-year-old has now denounced the food delivery company for failing to prosecute the “theft”.

Researcher Satoko recounted her ordeal after dropping her ring outside a bakery in Hammersmith, west London, at 3:30 p.m. last Friday.

She put it in her pants pocket after removing it to squeeze 30 lemons as she made homemade syrup for popsicles to sell at her children’s school party.

The ring fell off as she bent over to chain her bike outside the bakery.

She said: “When I realized I had lost my ring that night, I panicked, but turned back, desperately hoping to find it.

“I called the Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne on Saturday where I was the day before to pick up my lunch of quiche, éclairs and iced coffee.

“Staff told me that an Uber Eats delivery driver found my ring right outside and brought it into the store.

“I couldn’t believe my ears because the staff told me the driver refused to hand it over, but instead said he was going to sell it.

“The bakers had suggested that they keep it because the ring most likely belonged to one of their customers.

“But the driver refused and even told them he was going to make a profit by whipping the group online.”

“The staff knew the ring was mine because I could tell them the engravings on the ring, which they had seen.

“Unfortunately, the store had no way of contacting the driver himself and could only give me his name.”

Satoko, who lives just 10 minutes from the Pâtisserie Sainte-Anne outlet, has asked Uber Eats to take the floor to investigate their driver’s allegations.

He had been picking up pastries from the store for delivery to a customer when he found the silver ring and discussed it with the store staff.

But to Satoko’s horror, her efforts to get the company to help find her precious ring were “ignored.”

Her missing ring is engraved with her husband’s name and their wedding date – Stefano 17.10.2008. The couple got married in Airuno, Italy, near Milan, her husband’s hometown.

She said: “The driver refused to leave my ring in the bakery and said he would sell it. I was desperate to stop this guy’s outrageous robbery, which is clearly against the law.

“But I can’t convince Uber Eats to take it seriously. I’ve been told there’s nothing more they can do.

Satoko reported the incident to the police, who are investigating. Her husband also contacted Uber Eats UK boss Sunjiv Shah.

She said: “I am afraid that time is running out and that I will never see my wedding ring again.

“All the while, Uber Eats could have contacted their driver and stopped him from selling the group online, but nothing.

“As an employer, Uber Eats is certainly responsible for the actions of its employers at work.

“I am distraught but determined to hold Uber Eats accountable.

“There has been a shocking contempt so far. The company has no empathy.

Uber Eats said it was investigating the incident.

The driver said he was going to flog his precious jewelry online


The driver said he was going to flog his precious jewelry onlineCredit: Alamy

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