New CEO, President to lead Puratos in 2022


BIJGAARDEN, BELGIUM – Pierre Tossut, who spent 26 years at Puratos, will become CEO on January 1, the company announced on December 20. Cédric Van Belle will become Chairman of the Board of Directors on January 1 for the Belgium-based company. company, a global supplier of ingredients for bakery, pastry and chocolate.

Mr. Tossut, who was Group Business Development Director at Puratos, will succeed Daniel Malcorps, who led Puratos for 20 years. Mr. Tossut was responsible for research and development, marketing, product management and sales for Puratos, and he structured the approach to the health and wellness of the company.

“The people we work with and Puratos’ special attention to our clients have always been key to our success, and we will ensure that they remain the center of our daily attention,” said Mr. Tossut. “At Puratos, we believe that food has an extraordinary power – the power to nurture, nurture, celebrate, comfort and unite people from all walks of life. Food innovation is energy for good, and that is why we constantly strive to increase our positive impact with the creation of innovative food solutions that promote health and well-being, and constantly move companies forward, customers, people and the planet. We are very ambitious, and we are giving ourselves the means to have an even greater global impact in the years to come, with the clear objective of reaching 5 billion euros in turnover by 2030.

Mr. Van Belle was appointed to the board of directors of Puratos in 2016 as part of the third generation of shareholders. He has been leading the worldwide family network of chocolate museums (Choco-Story) since 2003. Mr. Van Belle will replace Eddy Van Belle as chairman of the board.

“One of the strengths of family businesses like Puratos is to think in terms of generations rather than quarterly results,” said Cédric Van Belle. “This is why we are actively engaged in an operating model that goes beyond the creation of economic value. One who is sustainable, respectful and balanced. To this end, we are implementing plans to achieve the CO2neutrality, minimize our water consumption and reduce waste.

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