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Some say the days of working at one place for many years are over. But this is not true if the place is Notre Dame. Jean Glon, assistant director of student catering, has been here for 32 years, and he hopes to help attract over 200 new staff to join him.

The University Enterprises and Events and Campus Safety and University Operations divisions offer referral bonuses to Notre Dame employees.

“I think the overall picture of what Notre Dame offers will be very appealing to people,” Glon said at a recent campus hiring event. “Our salary is competitive, but what the University has that other places don’t have are incredible perks.”

Most of the vacancies are in the University Enterprises and Events (UEE) division and include bartenders, cooks, customer service associates, food and beverage managers and more. About 130 of the open positions are full-time and 100 part-time.

At the Morris Inn, weekend weddings and campus visits have increased dramatically, and move-in and home football weekends are just a few weeks away. In the photo above, Stephanie Berg and her mother Beth Berg carry Stephanie’s wedding dress into the hotel. Stéphanie got married on campus in July. (Photo by Barbara Johnston / University of Notre Dame)

Hiring opportunities at Notre Dame of this magnitude don’t come often, but it’s a time like no other.

The campus is waking up from the pandemic. You can see it in places like the Morris Inn, where it’s almost business as usual. Weekend weddings and campus visits have increased dramatically, and move-in and home football weekends are just a few weeks away. The launch of the new McKenna Hall, which houses the Notre Dame Conference Center, will also be coming up. Conferences and face-to-face meetings will not be far behind. Morris Inn managers supervise the conference center staff.

“We need over 100 new employees just for the Morris Inn and the Notre Dame Conference Center”, John cheng, said Morris Inn’s director of operations. “The catering team needs help, and the operations team – which includes housekeeping and hotel guest services – does too.”

It takes a lot of staff to ensure that the visitor experience, like everything that happens at Notre Dame, is excellent.

UEE is honored to support important educational efforts and many exciting activities across the University. To ensure we create exceptional moments at Notre Dame, we remain focused on improving the experience of current members of our team and recruiting new talented colleagues, ”said Micki kidder, Vice President for Business and University Events.

Of course, the University is not the only place to hire, and some companies have found a smaller pool of candidates.


“The idea that there is a labor shortage for me is a bit misleading. There are several factors at play, ”said Daniel Graff, labor historian, professor and director of the Higgins Labor Program at the Center for Social Concerns.

“I think the hospitality industry is in competition with other industries, so workers can be more demanding than they are used to,” Graff said, adding: “Employers need to deliver better conditions to employees to bring them “.

The conditions for UEE positions are generous: salaries range between $ 13.50 and $ 35 per hour; there are opportunities for advancement; health insurance and educative and retirement benefits are available for eligible positions; and staff in hospitality and catering positions can enjoy a free meal during their shift. In addition, the UEE softened the agreement with the signing and reference bonus.

Here’s how the bonuses work: Shelley johnson, recently hired as a cook at Campus Dining, will receive a signing bonus of $ 1,000 ($ 500 after working 60 days and $ 500 after working 180 days) for joining Notre Dame during this busy time. Meanwhile, Chasity Rockwell, who works at the Center for Culinary Excellence Bakeshop, will also receive $ 1,000 for referring her as long as Johnson remains in Notre Dame for at least six months.

Campus Safety and University Operations (CSUO) is looking for Custodians and Handlers. This division also offers the referral bonus program.

“We are incredibly grateful to all of our colleagues in the CSUO division as we collectively serve Notre Dame University. Whatever department within CSUO, be it building services, postal services , Notre Dame Police Department or elsewhere, our team should be across campus, working in every building and area and interacting with our students, faculty and colleagues, ” Mike Seamon, Vice President for Campus Security and University Operations.

So, how does it feel to work at Notre Dame?

“The UEE is a fun, kind and joyful family, and we are delighted to welcome new members to join us as we serve Our Lady’s mission!” Kidder said.

Derrick Faulkens of Rohr’s serves lunch to Bryant Haren, Tony Castrodale and Reverend Jan Sullivan of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Barbara Johnston / University of Notre Dame)

Derrick Faulkens, who works at Rohr’s at the Morris Inn as a bartender and waiter, agrees. He has been at Notre-Dame for nine years.

“It’s a family atmosphere. Everyone here treats you like a brother or sister, ”Faulkens said. “We all know we have a mission to accomplish and we all work for that mission and have fun together.”

Ashley Harrington, who works in the kitchen at the Morris Inn, also enjoys his job. She’s been here for two years.

“You never know what’s coming, and as cooks that’s what you expect. You don’t know what the day will be like and there is just a kind of excitement that comes with it. It’s kind of a challenge, ”Harrington said.

The next job fair will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, July 28 at the Center of Culinary Excellence. Click for a campus map. For a complete list of open positions at the University, visit

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