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The Oasis Garden Café at Solaire Resort & Casino offers the many wonderful flavors of chocolate this month. From chocolate-themed brunches to month-long promotions featuring dishes and concoctions made from the finest chocolate harvests, this is a chocolate lover’s paradise not to be missed.

Dubbed “A Chocolate Affair,” guests can delight in the chocolate creations of Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett. Afternoon tea and desserts are made even more luxurious with chocolate.

With the afternoon tea offered by the cafe, “What we did was look at the products that are grown here in the Philippines as well as the different types of flavors that Filipinos enjoy,” Haslett said. The cafe has kept everything in line with what goes well with chocolate, like the fruit growing around it.

The cafe has partnered with the Auro Chocolate brand. The promotion comes with a choice of Solaire signature hot chocolate, freshly brewed coffee or a teapot.

“The local chocolate brand has a pretty nice selection, and I was lucky enough to visit their farm recently,” Haslett also said.

Tucked away from the bright lights and noise of the station, in the heart of the Sky Tower atrium, the cafe offers the Auro-based Chocolate Tier which comes in different varieties – white chocolate, 32%; moon, 50%; paquibato, 70%; regalo, 50%; saloy, 70%, mana, 85%; as well as a chocolate and coffee baked tart and a chocolate macaroon.

For the savory level, it includes the smoked salmon sandwich, creamed spinach muffin, wild mushroom and truffle toast, smoked turkey and avocado, and spinach and salmon puff pastry.

Scones are also on offer, including orange scones with cocoa nibs and traditional scones come with white chocolate and cashews, raspberry jam and mascarpone cream.

“We use all Auro chocolate, including cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and cocoa beans, so we get a lot of flavor,” he said.

“The fact that the chocolate brand is local is a big plus,” added Haslett who was introduced to the brand and its farmers. “It’s more rewarding to have a local partnership. Solaire supports a farm in Davao, one of whose farmers exclusively supplies them with a particular type of chocolate.

According to Haslett, major brands of chocolate have very similar flavors and tastes and are still readily available.

“We want to keep things a little more local, pairing it with other brands, so we’re keeping it a little more local.”

Haslett finds this initiative cool because with the bigger brands, “you don’t see it from the start.” With this partnership, “I’ve seen it from the very beginning and met the people involved – from cocoa farming and processing, to research and development, and then customers and guests can eat it, ” he explained.

During the day, the café offers a wide selection of coffees, teas, traditional snacks and artisan sandwiches. At night, it transforms into a stylish lounge, offering a full range of cocktails and drinks.


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