Op-Ed: Phthalates – Planetary Poisons Hit Reproduction, Hormones, IQ & Cause Disease, No Action


The international community is increasingly concerned about the huge volumes of fossil fuel-based plastics entering the environment – Copyright AFP/File Luis ACOSTA

Phthalates (The P is silent, like regulators and manufacturers) are “used in everything” according to basic research. They are used to make plastics more durable and improve flexibility and longevity. Phthalates exist naturally, but of course the dangerous things are self-inflicted human ideas as usual.

Phthalates are tasteless, odorless, and colorless, just like politicians, except phthalates happen in the real world. They are found in food, cosmetics, packaging or more simply wherever there are plastics, there are phthalates. Phthalates also seep from products that use them into anything they come into contact with, especially people.

These compounds affect:

Reproduction (See current NYT article which is downright scary)

IQ, especially developmental IQ in children

Hormonal problems, men and women

“Pervasive poisons” pretty much run the gamut. These compounds are considered extremely toxic in so many forms and applications. There is simply no good news about phthalates in any context. Check out this news for a very long list of ongoing health risks. The risks include folk stuff on the human food chain and environmental damage at all levels.

Thank you for the microplastics, I couldn’t have done it without you. Phthalates are “present in food, soap, linoleum, packaging, baked goods“, … Insert dictionary here. The CDC’s phthalates fact sheet includes 3 sentences about how phthalates affect people’s health, with the note that “more research is needed.”

Good old Dumb And Proud Of It America has struck again? Not enough.

It’s a truly global mess. Good old Dumb And Proud Of It America did their best not to consider all the issues, but everyone contributes. Just add a few commercial skanks, and that’s history.

There’s also a long public howl about phthalates that doesn’t get much media coverage. Unlike the CDC, just about all other phthalate information is much less polished. There was even a petition to ban these chemicals, which was rejected by the FDA this year.

Far less impressive is the systemic failure to give the impression that phthalates are taken seriously.

  • Let’s try a slight join of dots:
  • Human fertility is in crisis, truly collapsing while being horribly stressed by “the economy”.
  • Male fertility could reach zero by 2045 at the rate it is declining.
  • Exposure to phthalates is linked to many major diseases, including diabetes. (Diabetes?)
  • Hormonal disorders of all kinds are now extremely common. Do we need another class of disruptive chemicals?
  • In combination with other serious serial biopollutants, phthalates are on par with glyphosate
  • Phthalates are already known as a dangerous universal class of toxins and not much is happening on any level.
  • Phthalate residues and their presence in the environment are not quantified. No one knows how much of this potentially genocidal waste is out there.

Another bad management? Or is it Euphemize Total Failure Time, again?

Call me a dewy-eyed vicious sentimental Aussie, but the management model here is one of massive evasion of systemic issues. Like all unleashed global toxins, phthalates seem to have a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

If you were consciously trying to eliminate the human race, this mixture of toxic environmental elements would be what you would choose. Breeding accident, multiple health hazards in all parts of the environment and no action at all. Idyllic, isn’t it?

If you ask the simple question “What neutralizes phthalates?” you get the interesting news that the half-life of phthalates is short “provided the detoxification pathways are working”. So they are excreted and probably run away. The problem with this utopian view is that you consume, or are exposed to, more of them.

There is no indication of any interest in phasing out these chemicals at any level. The same people who are poisoning the planet and driving themselves insane at the expense of the public obviously have more important things on their non-existent minds. Like promoting QAnon or Trump’s latest childhood disasters.

No wonder this world is a sewer. It simply reflects the mental capacity of those who run it.

Some Suggestions

Phthalates are an old polymer technology. The properties they provide must be present at the molecular level. It’s not that hard. You just have to stay awake in high school and first year industrial chemistry, you rascals.

Neutralization and removal of plastics and their chemically associated vermin must be done anyway. The eradication of phthalates must be part of this process.

These compounds are by definition chemically active. Attach them to something that picks up microparticles and see what happens. Develop the technology from there.

Equate natural phthalates with harmless forms of the compounds. If we must have phthalates, use the harmless forms. Not exactly a stunning revelation, is it?

Adequate monitoring of exposure is obviously necessary. It can be done by chemical tests, medical statistics and God help us all, a little skill, preferably backed by real understanding.

Now the really good news – The Groveling Sector, this global framework for defending anything that causes human suffering, can take advantage of it. You can advocate not to be turned into a biological train wreck and get paid for it! Oh Happy Day!

To quote someone – Just do it.


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