Pastry survives first year of business – despite global pandemic


A pastry shop in Bath recently celebrated its first anniversary – despite opening a week before the lockdown.

Owners Fang-Yu Lin, 34, and Neil Edwards 37, opened Sugarcane Studios on Grove Street on October 22, 2020, but had to switch to takeout and online ordering within days due to the second lockdown of the government.

Fang-Yu Lin said that despite everything, the year saw them grow as a business.

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The store does French pastry but with an Asian touch and is best known for its delicious macaroons and puffs which are filled with crème fraîche every day.

Fang-Yu said, “There were ups and downs, we opened at a tricky time right before a lockdown.

“We still have days when we need more stuff and it’s hard to support an entire household, but over the past year we’ve grown a lot.

“We used online ordering and now we see our buttons everywhere.

“Everyone is struggling but I have to remember how far we have come. Our location in Bath is hidden away which can be a challenge people don’t seem to be exploring new places they prefer to go to the same place but we have lots of loyal customers.

“We have had so many people congratulate us on celebrating our first anniversary and we feel so lucky to be so well loved by our community.”

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Despite the progress made in stopping the coronavirus pandemic, international travel is still a headache for many, and Fang-Yu said the store is aware it is lacking in tourist trade.

The experienced pastry chef said: “We miss international tourists now, tourists are back but not in much the same way as before.

“There is also the cancellation of the Christmas market. But for us, we don’t really know if that would have made a big difference to our business, because it was not the case last year, we did therefore nothing to compare, we just know that there may be less attendance.

“But we’re positive and hope locals come out more instead.”

Fang-Yu Lin opened Sugarcane Studios with husband Neil Edwards last year just before the lockdown

Miss Lin said she had to learn some tough lessons in her first year in business, including how people’s favorites change.

She said: “I had to learn that even if people are your regulars for a while, they won’t always come because they naturally want to go somewhere else.

“That doesn’t mean they don’t like your food. I used to think so, but it’s just that people want variety.

“I think we are very fortunate to be in Bath where the community really appreciates their independent businesses and we want to thank our clients for our first year.”

To find out more about Sugarcane Studios Click here.

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