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If you were to ask me about my introduction to romance novels, one author I would always bring into the conversation is Rochelle Alers.

Very early on, some of the first times I remember reading a love story about black couples was between the pages of a Rochelle Alers novel. It was the calm, gentle soul of Ivan Campbell from his Best Men series that drew me into a hero who might not be an alpha but just as powerful and dominant. There were the Virginia Blackstones who made me curious about studs. Well, the Cole family… that’s probably one of the main reasons I’m so obsessed with the playoffs. One book is good, but five or more featuring a family? Sign me up! In his work, you’ll be immersed in family secrets and love, read as the characters come to life in a new city, and rediscover what makes them truly happy.

What I’ve always liked about his novels is that the characters feel like they’re at home. They always felt familiar, and their forever happiness was the one I was rooted for.

A pioneer in space and a writer of more than 60 books and nearly 2 million printed copies, this novelist effortlessly weaves stories of expansive sagas, charming little town romances and romance, which even when you can. consider it snapshot, always worth the drive.

Here are three books to get you started:

Hideaway by Rochelle Alers


You absolutely can’t mention Rochelle Alers and not talk about the hugely popular and fan-favorite Hideaway series, starring one of my favorite fictional families, The Coles.

Perhaps the richest African American family in America, what they have more than money is love. These books feature intelligent, independent, and tenacious women and the fiercely powerful and protective men who love them.

In RefugeParris Simmons has spent ten years hiding from her ex-husband’s evil threats while keeping a secret from the only man she has ever loved, Martin Cole.

We make the trip through the start of their yard until Martin finds her. When he finds her, he offers protection again, but that’s not the only thing he’s willing to settle for.

Go to Cuba with the Matriarch and Patriarch of the Cole family, travel to Jamaica with the Kirklands, or reside in Florida or Mississippi. You’ll take trips, learn history, and never forget the lingering love.

Stay away from Michael Kirkland, however. We have a deal and conversations need to take place.

Long Time Coming by Rochelle Alers

Long time to come

The Whitfields are experts in the wedding industry. A wedding planner, pastry chef, and florist make this three-book series sweet and decadent.

To not disturb the flow, start with the first book – Long time to come. Tessa Whitfield is a sought-after wedding planner who doesn’t believe in mixing business and pleasure. As far as Micah Sanborn is concerned, things are subject to change. However, even as this relationship progresses at a steady pace, Micah is unable to say three very important words. Three words can cost him one of the few real things he really wants to keep in his life.

Haven Creek by Rochelle Alers

Haven Creek

Are you looking for a feeling of home in a small town? The Cavanaugh Island series is the way to go. Haven Creek is the third book in the series, but it’s my favorite and it’s a great introduction. Morgan Dane is an architect accustomed to living according to a particular set of plans. When offered to her the job of her dreams on Cavanaugh Island, she learns that things don’t always go as planned and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Carpenter Nathaniel Shaw returns home to small town life to recharge his batteries, while there he reconnects with Morgan Dane who isn’t the person he remembered from high school. The two would rather play it safe, but when true love is on the line, is that really an option?

To learn more about his work, visit the Rochelle Alers website.

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