Salas names Fil-Bake Shop Small Business of the Year | Delano’s record


Assembly Member Rudy Salas D-Bakersfield honored Fil-Bake Shop as the 2021 Assembly District Small Business of the Year 2021, recognizing their years of service in giving back to Delano and supporting the Filipino community.

Owner Teresita “Aunt Tess” Gabisan Patricio has been dedicated to providing unparalleled service to her customers and helping the Filipino community and the town of Delano when needed.

“I am honored to recognize Fil-Bake Shop and Aunt Tess as our Small Business of the Year,” said Salas. “Aunt Tess’ dedication to Delano and our Filipino community has had an impact not only locally, but around the world. Whether it’s organizing donations after the devastating 2013 earthquake in the Philippines, providing meals for hospital staff during the pandemic, and serving baked goods to our students, Fil-Bake Shop remains a mainstay. of our community.

Founded on August 1, 1981 by Patricio, a young woman from the Philippines with a university degree in education, Fil-Bake Shop operated as the center of Delano’s substantial Filipino community for four decades, gaining fame for its Filipino specialty. bread and pastries as well as for his commitment to the service of the community.

Patricio and his family regularly donate soft pastries from Fil-Bake Shop for fundraising activities in schools and various for-profit and non-profit organizations, religious congregations, hospitals and first responder agencies. After the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol in October 2013 and Super Typhoon Haiyan a month later in the Philippines, Tessie Patricio helped by rallying her employees and customers who entrusted her with their hard-earned donations, who helped the Philippines in times of need. .

“I want to thank everyone who made this possible. The support of my family, my clients and the entire community got us through the COVID-19 pandemic, ”said Patricio. “I would also like to thank Assembly Member Salas for recognizing us and our hard work. He made us feel like real VIPs.

Each year, the California Small Business Association honors the small businesses in each meeting district, which rewards small businesses that go beyond their community. Salas said he is thrilled to name Fil-Bake Shop as the 2021 Small Business of the Year for AD-32 and continues to encourage consumers to shop and dine locally and support their community.


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