Signs that your cat is saying “I love you” (Gallery)


I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with my cat Winifred Luna Johnson! I grew up with dogs and the only real experience I had with cats was only later in life thanks to my dad.

He had adopted a Siamese cat from his sister who had been taken too early from his mother. Dad said it creates quirks and I quickly discovered Siame’s when I came to visit him. Probably the main reason I didn’t want to own a feline.

Siame nibbled at his tail and whipped you in the face with it! It was disgusting, it happened a lot, and always when you weren’t ready for it. He also had the weird habit of pooping in the litter box and then putting kitty litter on the floor instead of burying it. He had gorgeous blue eyes but didn’t seem to have much to do upstairs, the struggle was real!

Since I got married and enjoyed the cuddles from my husband’s childhood cat, also a Siamese named Hagar. He was found in the form of a kitten stuck in the wall of a mini-market and was an instant family hit. No quirks, just a super persistent desire to scratch your head and snack.

I learned to want a chat and one day while on Facebook I found her! It was discovered in a Walmart parking lot. Skinny with a tramp’s eye but in a good mood, she was perfect. I had no idea when I placed her baby carrier in the passenger seat and drove home, she was showing me her first I love you!

show their belly

I put my fingers through the holes in the top of the carrier, explaining to her that she was safe and how excited I was to meet her. She rolled onto her back and rested her paws on my fingers. Showing your stomach is a sign of confidence and comfort. It’s so cute but for info this gesture is not an invitation to touch that soft belly! Every cat is different and you will quickly find out what each is cool with and what not.

Slow flashing

It’s one of my favorites! If you are around a cat, give it a try. Make eye contact with them, then slowly blink and watch to see if they return the favor. They don’t just hook up with you, they literally say “I love you” with their eyes!

The bop head

Another favorite! I love to land on the ground so we are at eye level. Sometimes the head jumps are so quick that she lifts her entire forehead to really give them away, but sometimes they’re subtle, so be sure to watch, if you see them tilting their heads towards you, come closer and let go. thrill you. It’s a major, “I love you!”

Sleep with you

I woke up this morning and Winnie was holding my hand! She’s finding more and more creative ways to wake me up when she needs to start her day. As I get older, I feel like she’s working her routine to fit ours, so when it’s bedtime, she’s ready to take us there and waits for us both to be there. inside to jump in and start your evening routine.


There are a few chat groups that I am on social media that I have seen called “baking cookies”. The bakery is open and they have to take out the orders, very busy day. It always makes me laugh because Winnie is all shy, then she stands in front of my face alternating with her two front paws. It’s only slightly painful when I don’t have a blanket and she works this exposed skin. These nails stick out very lightly every now and then, but are worth showering with love.

The bathroom

When you own a cat, good luck trying to use the bathroom on your own. Like a child, if you let them outside, they put their little paws under the door, so if you don’t mind, leave the door open. Some cats like to sit and watch from the door, others get up on the sink and some take full advantage and climb on you for toilet hugs.


I learned my lesson in the first few months of owning Winnie. She went from washing to kissing my front (licking) and I didn’t move. That sandpaper tongue removed a few layers of skin right in the middle of my forehead! I thought it was a little uncomfortable and this error remained for a few days afterwards. Pro tip, move your face a bit so that the same spot isn’t constantly kissed. It’s a real honor for them to do this, so try to go with the flow if you can.

Cat movements that say I love you

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