Sydney’s best cream buns you should have tried by now



The Swedes call them “semla”, the Italians call them “maritozzi” but no matter what part of the world you come from, nothing beats the humble cream brioche.

Creme bread comes in many shapes and variations but, for the most part, these lighter-than-air treats are made with an enriched dough bun that, when cooled, is pumped with fresh whipped cream. Genius.

Read on for the best custard buns in Sydney.

Pastry Poles


Pastry Poles is a culinary throwback to the sweet delights of yesteryear, so prepare yourself for a pinned menu of chewy scones, honey buns loaded with cinnamon cake and vanilla buttercream and, you guessed it, cream buns full of goodies. Made with a sweet yeast dough bun mixed with raisins, the buns here are no small feat. The crème fraîche situation here is plentiful and your first bite will also give you hints of sweet raspberry jam in the center. Topped with an extra drop of jam and dusted with icing sugar, these pieces are perfect every time.


Rushcutters Bay

When Marta’s owner Flavio Carnevale opened his Roman-inspired bakery last year, he identified a great opportunity in the Sydney hospital scene. What started as a temporary fix to keeping business against the grain of COVID restrictions, has inevitably turned into one of Sydney’s biggest weekend must-see tours.

Now Marta has a permanent bakery every Saturday and Sunday where you can order take out or home delivered food. The custard buns here are called maritozzi, Italian-style custard buns that are returning to the streets of Lazio. Marta’s buns are filled to the brim with (sweet) whipped cream, and you’ll find other ready-made flavors too, including Nutella and pistachio.

Japanese bakery Fuji

Killarney Heights

Japanese bakery Fuji is a family-owned bakery that has been making red bean rolls, Japanese style meat pies, and fried noodle rolls since the 80s (they are also famous for making delicious chicken nugget roll with fruit sauce secret and yes, it’s obviously delicious). On the sweeter side of things, there’s a pain à la crème here loaded with custard and a horn of chocolate cream – a shell-shaped bun filled with chocolate custard.

Western Sydney Donuts


cream bunsIf your bread cream addiction strikes at any time of the day, you’ll want to draw your attention to Western Sydney Donuts. The team here make extra long jam and cream donuts, not to mention the range of flavors from custard and apple to chocolate and caramel. When you’re not looking for a super extra donut cake, you’ll find mega custard buns fresh every day. The toppings resemble crème fraîche or custard with twists of Nutella, jam, caramel, lemon, apple, blueberry and strawberry. You can drop by Wednesday and Saturday to pick up, but we strongly suggest that you pre-order to avoid running out.

LAB Bakery


cream bread with fruit on topWhen it comes to the custard buns here, there are a few lush twists on the staple you’ll want to indulge in. The first to LAB Bakery looks like the classic buttercream bread that looks like a ball of butter sandwiched between two buns – simplicity at its best. Elsewhere on the menu you’ll find the Strawberry Cream Bread, topped with fluffy cream, topped with fresh fruit and dusted with icing sugar and yes it’s lighter than air. The LAB Bakery team are also known for making an oreo cream bun every now and then, so keep an eye out for their occasional cameo.

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Image credit: Pôles Pastry, Flavio Carneval, Western Sydney Donuts, LAB Bakery



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