Terra Breads will close Vancouver’s first coffee shop and bakery


This is their first location, but with ‘changing times’ and ‘end of lease’, it’s time to say goodbye

Sometimes when the lease is up, it’s time to say goodbye to an outlet, and that’s the case with Vancouver bakery chain Terra Breads. The company has revealed it will close its Kitsilano bakery cafe location after 30 years at the end of 2022.

“It has been 30 wonderful years serving you our bakery and coffee items in the Kitsilano neighborhood,” Terra Breads shares in its message to the community on the company’s website.

Citing “changing times” and the “end of lease” at 2380 W 4th Ave, Terra will close at the end of the year, wrapping up three decades of bread, pastries and coffees at the Kitsilano location on December 31.

Kitsilano is where Terra Breads opened in 1993. At the time, Terra was one of the only bakeries to make bread primarily with sourdough dough. It was also one of the few bakeries to have an open kitchen concept that allowed customers to see behind the scenes. And, it was one of the first bakeries to include a cafe attached to its retail space – something we take for granted today.

The brand has grown over the years and now operates bakery cafes on Granville Island, the Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant. Terra Breads says Kits personnel will be dispatched to the remaining locations. Additionally, many of Terra’s bread and granola products are available at local grocery stores.

“The quality of our products and our customer service remain our top priorities. We sincerely thank you for your support and for being such good neighbors over the past 30 years,” adds Terra Breads.

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