The 38 Best Restaurants in Orange County


Pork belly from Fable & Spirit.

Fable & Spirit

Orange County has often been viewed in the media as an afterthought, at least compared to the much larger and more densely populated neighboring Los Angeles County. But the truth is, there is a vibrant and diverse culinary community in this oceanfront locale of over 3 million people. Inland locations reflect the flavors important to those who live there (especially in areas like Westminster, where Vietnamese cuisine reigns), while coastal locations in the county often offer high-end, white-tablecloth dining. with modern California touches.

From historic beachfront stands serving some of the OC’s most notorious desserts, to foodie stalwarts backed by big names, to small, family-owned boutiques that have spent decades honing a singular passion, there is there’s something for everyone in Orange County.

Here are 38 of the most must-visit restaurants in the area.

Health experts consider eating out to be a high-risk activity for the unvaccinated; this may pose a risk to vaccinees, especially in areas with high COVID transmission.

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To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.


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