The Lakehouse Bakery in Chelsea: artisan pastries with fresh, quality ingredients


Welcome to Lakehouse Bakery!

A place that serves baked goods made with the freshest ingredients and as they say, and serves them with love. It’s a locally owned and operated bakery that offers some of the best baked goods in town.

The Sun Times News (STN) heard a lot of good things about this bakery and wanted to know more about it, so we paid a visit to the bakery located on Sugarloaf Lake in the State Recreation Area of Waterloo.

As soon as you enter, the aroma of baking and goodness activates the taste buds as the bakery staff can be seen performing their various tasks. When I visit, one of the first faces I see is Keegan Rodgers, whose dream it was to create Lakehouse.

STN asked him how things have been since buying the old bakery five years ago, renovating and opening, then closing and the COVID-19 pandemic, then until today…

“Things are going well,” he said. “We’re still not getting the foot traffic in the bakery that I would like. There seems to be a perception that we are “SO FAR AWAY” when in fact we are only a few miles down the road. And it’s also a nice little ride, especially now that fall is here and the leaves are about to change.

They added some new stuff recently and also brought back some stuff.

Lakehouse started bringing things to the Market Wagon website. Rodgers said they are a really great company that will deliver ordered items to your doorstep.

They also resumed classes. The class schedule is available on their website.

“I’m having so much fun with the classes, meeting new people and helping people become more confident cooking at home,” Rodgers said. “It’s such a blast for me.”

That’s great, but there’s more.

Rodgers said they were finally able to get a waiver on their food license and started making their homemade dessert sauces for retail sales. He said the process took Lakehouse two years, but it was worth every second.

“It’s important to us!” he said. “You can get our Salted Caramel Sauce, Merlot Chocolate Sauce, Mango Chai Chutney, Blue Dragon BBQ Sauce, Lemon Curd and Lime Curd at the store as well as at Agricole. These have been such a hit that I can’t keep up with demand!

One of their most popular items is the Garden Turkey Sandwich, while the Roasted Garlic Cheddar Bread is quickly becoming the most popular bread. They also bake just over 12 dozen blueberry muffins a week.

And as Rodgers said, “Of course, our French macaroons almost always sell out!”

The bakery also has two new employees, Mike and Christy. Rogers said they were just on board and learning a lot.

“We’re so happy to have them here,” Rodgers said. “Matt, our baker, just got married and is back from his honeymoon in Hawaii.”

Looking ahead, the bakery will be rolling out all of its seasonal and holiday favorites in the coming weeks, including pastries, pies and soups. Rodgers said they would of course be bringing back their pies, buns and stuffing mix for Thanksgiving.

For December, they’ll be bringing back a different version of their cocoa cubes, but Rodgers said don’t worry, “they’ll be just as tasty, but MUCH easier to use for making a delicious cup of hot cocoa!”

Even with a busy bakery, the continuous learning didn’t stop for Rodgers. He was accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business program at Wayne State University. The 14-week program started last week for him and he said he was super excited and looking forward to using his newfound knowledge and skills to ensure “The Lakehouse Bakery is strong and it will exist for a very long time”.

STN asked Rodgers what makes Lakehouse so unique.

“We are unique because we maintain the artisanal nature of small-batch cooking without sacrificing the quality of our ingredients,” he said. “We use European butter, Belgian chocolate, unbrominated and unbleached flour, local sugar and local eggs. We use unique flavor pairings for certain items while really perfecting the simple things like our Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

A final question posed before heading out with THE MCC, which is butter croissant with mango chai chicken salad, was, what would you like the community to know…

“How humbled and grateful I am to be in such an amazing community like Chelsea that continues to support a small local business like Lakehouse Bakery!” Rodgers replied. “Opening the bakery was a lifelong dream and Chelsea and the surrounding area have made my dream not just a reality, but a permanent one! Everyone is so supportive, from online cake recommendations to just passing by drive to say “HI” and get a cookie or a loaf of bread. I’m so grateful.

To see the full menu and other services, go to or stop by the bakery at 1534 Sugarloaf Lake Road.

They are also a Facebook:


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