The M’sian duo who won the 2019 Pastry World Cup create French pastries with local M’sian flavors


If there’s one thing Malaysians do best, it’s food! Our nasi lemak is world famous, and our rendang is definitely not crispy.

Even though we have kuehs as desserts, it still lacks the creaminess that western pastries give us. With this in mind, Chef Otto Tay and Chef Loi Ming Ai decided to create French pastries with Malaysian flavors.

From left to right: chief otto tay in black and chief loi ming ai in white.

If you’re wondering who these leaders are, here’s a little reminder. Do you remember that in 2019, 3 talented pastry chefs made a name of Malaysia by winning the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France?

Well, 2 of the 3 pastry chefs, Otto Tay and Loi Ming Ai, have come together to create Here is Pastry.

Voila Pastry Showroom

The showroom.

Talk to A WORLD OF BUZZ, the chefs said Voilà Pâtisserie is an online brand where you can pre-order pastries for different occasions. Their showroom in Kuchai Lama is a place that will offer masterclasses in the future and where people can visit to marvel at their intricate pastries.

Delights Box 1

This set of 4 is made up of pastries with different taste profiles. Rose is named perfume which is a pungent raspberry taste with floral notes. The yellow, yellow, is a mango-based pastry that resembles a cheesecake while the green, pandan lily, is pandan and pulut hitam! Finally, the gray is a mesh of sesame, orange and raspberry flavors and it is called black sesame.

They also clarified that their showroom only carries a very small number of pastries on a daily basis and they are only available for takeout. You can check out their website for a full list of the goodies they offer.

Behind That

The chefs behind Voilà (pronounced wua-la) are chefs Otto Tay, 34, from Muar, Johor and Loi Ming Ai, 33, from Sibu, Sarawak, who have been in the baking business for 13 years.

Voila Patisserie Otto Tay Loi Ming Ai 3

Chief loi ming ai puts the finishing touches on a goldie.

Remembering the Victory in the World Pastry Cup in 2019they said at that time they were in disbelief.

“When the flag was raised and the national anthem was playing, I only registered that it was real and it was my time.”

They added that when they won the championship most French people on the street recognized who they were, but there was a distinct difference in reception when they returned to Malaysia where pastries are not as celebrated. here.

Voila Patisserie Otto Tay Loi Ming Ai 2

Chef otto tay decorating a madame rose.

After noticing that French pastries aren’t exactly average Malaysians’ favorite dessert, the duo decided to make pastries uniquely Malaysian by incorporating some of our favorite flavors such as black sesame and calamansi.

“We try to do what the Malaysians know, and from there we improve it and introduce it to them. That’s why we call ourselves Voilà, which means ‘it’s here’ in French.”

“We have also been preparing for a long time, and we are finally ready to serve you.”

Calamondin 1

This entremet called calamondin is a citrus-based entremet where the star of the show is definitely the calamansi. The acidity is balanced by a hint of ginger.

After tasting some of their pastries, we can guarantee that their pastries are top notch and evoke a sense of nostalgia in us.

Their products have been made with halal certified ingredients and contain no pork or alcohol.

Charlotte Symphony 1

A beautiful entremet named the symphony of charlotte which defends both the flavors of strawberry and yuzu.

If you want to taste their creations, you can visit them (open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day) or order on their website! If you have any questions, you can Whatsapp them on +6016 416 6569.


That’s Pastry

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