The truth about Stéphanie Norcio from the chocolate school


We have to share sweet puppy Chloe in an adorable snap for summer 2019. Caption the talented chef and dog lover, “I love being a dog mom [my sweet girl] [the curious Chloe](via Instagram). You’ll find plenty of funny photos of the chef enjoying the gorgeous California sunshine with her friends and family, as she clearly enjoys life both in the kitchen and outdoors. Sharing her admiration for them. people around her in Early Spring 2020 Norcio wrote, “Be honest and honest with yourself, take time for your health and always remember to love and be kind to yourself. Having a good circle of women around you really improves your quality of life. I’m very lucky to have amazing women in mine, you know who you are! ”(Via Instagram).

Like the rest of us, 2020 hasn’t been the most adventurous time, but it’s so sweet to see the love between friends, sisters and mom helping us feel like we know the real Norcio. As mum Connie comments on a return photo shared in December 2020, “Your AMAZING !! With each passing year – you take it to the next level, I can’t wait to see where 2021 takes you LOVE MOMAGER” (via Instagram).

As many will share, knowledge and talent is always fueled by a great support system, and in Norcio’s case, it feels filled with love. We are delighted to follow this promising career on “School of Chocolate” and beyond.


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