Too many bakeries in town, says councilman


A FORMER mayor of Henley says he is “concerned” about the number of bakeries in the town.

Ken Arlett spoke at a meeting of the City Council’s planning committee, which was considering a request from bakery chain Ole & Steen to convert the former Superdrug store in Market Place.

It comes after the opening last month of Gail’s Bakery in the former Cafe Unit H, a few doors down.

Delicatessen Pavilion, which opened in Market Place in December, also sells bread while the French-Belgian bakery and patisserie on Duke Street was renovated earlier this year.

Councilor Arlett said: ‘I am really concerned about this request but obviously there is nothing we can do about it. We just moved a bakery to the market square, we have Franco Belge around the corner who is doing well and now we have another proposed baker coming to town. I can’t understand that.

“I’m surprised they’re coming with two competitors… [it] makes absolutely no sense. »

Councilor Tom Buckley replied: “There is a difference in the products. If you look at Gail, it’s not the same product you have at Franco Belge. There is definitely room in the market.

Ole & Steen, specializing in Danish pastries, was founded 30 years ago by brothers Ole Kristoffersen and Steen Skallebaek, who both had their own bakeries before joining forces.

They have 17 outlets in London and one in Oxford.


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