Underrated baked goods you must try, says Bryan Ford



When asked about an underrated bakery product he thought more people should try, Ford didn’t necessarily point out a specific treat. Instead, it highlighted an underrated category of baked goods, and these are those from different cultures.

Ford has said he believes Middle Eastern flatbreads, Indian flatbreads and African flatbreads, as well as Latin American breads and pastries, are not getting the attention they deserve. “I think they are all underrated,” he said. “I think there needs to be more appreciation for the bread that is eaten in most countries and the baked goods that are eaten in most countries.”

Compared to pizza, which is an Italian flatbread, other flatbreads do not have the same fame and glory. “People call it pizza, and it’s such a widely accepted form of food, whereas a naan is Indian flatbread,” said Ford. “Why isn’t the obsession the same with certain types of baked goods? I think what’s underestimated is just trying to bring different cultures to the forefront of the food scene. bakery.”

For even more Bryan Ford’s baking expertise, including an exploration of Honduran bakery products, be sure to watch Magnolia Network’s “The Artisan’s Kitchen” on Discovery +.



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