Unusual tea experiences only found in London’s West End


There are few things as essential to English culture as tea. The ritual of afternoon tea dates back centuries and shows no signs of dying out, with a bustling scene of high-end tea experiences continuing to grow not just in numbers but also in impressiveness. London’s West End is proving to be a remarkably ambitious player in the tea game, with innovative establishments offering a variety of afternoon tea experiences ranging from French to Japanese influences and immersive environments inspired by Salvador Dalí or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Whether you’re a native Londoner or a traveler looking to do like the locals, here’s a list of unique tea experiences that can only be found in London’s West End.

8 Enter the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Whimsical feelings of childhood nostalgia and, of course, tons of candy immerse guests in the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at An Aldwych where a high tea experience is entirely designed around the classic story of Roald Dahl. The offerings are not limited to sweet things and run the gamut of palate flavors, from salted salmon and roast beef to fluffy cakes and creams, fruity cocktails, sparkling champagne and fantastic teas. One Aldwych is suitable for all occasions, whether it’s a group outing or an indulgent getaway for one.

seven Let the sweet tooth run wild at a traditional confectionery

The Original Sweet Shop Afternoon Tea at Chesterfield Mayfair offers a vibrant setting that feels like stepping back in time with the aesthetic of a traditional confectionery plus classic teas, scones and sweets abound along with opportunities to find new favourites. Its location in the historic and luxurious Chesterfield Mayfair hotel makes the atmosphere even more immersive as guests can choose from a wide variety of teas (including their own loose leaf tea), a playful pink lemonade or perhaps sparkling champagne. with lots of dining options.

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6 Afternoon tea in chocolate lover’s paradise

The May Fair Edition Charbonnel and Walker Afternoon Tea Experience has been developed in collaboration with the famous chocolatiers, renowned for using only the best couverture in their highly acclaimed truffles and chocolates. You can treat yourself to artisanal chocolate treats such as the tiramisu with Charbonnel and Walker chocolate shavings or donuts coated in sugar and chocolate sauce. Exquisite sandwiches are also offered with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

5 Frenchify Tea Time at the Rose Lounge

The Sofitel Rose Lounge pays homage to France with its new menu largely based on pastry chef Jamie Warley’s time in the country. The latest offerings include innovative savory dishes like French onion soup, croque monsieur and celeriac, truffle and bacon quiche. Pristine Candies are also available to perfectly complement some of the best teas to choose from.

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4 Become surreal in a space inspired by Salvador Dalí

The Art Afternoon Tea at the Rosewood Hotel creates a unique teatime experience with the works of Salvador Dalí in mind in its dazzling Hall of Mirrors and offers wacky pastry concepts like the Queen of Hearts – Ruby Peach Jelly, Almond Sponge and Mousse of strawberry glaze on a red marten heart, topped with chocolate decorations and an edible queen of hearts playing card. Another is the Butterfly Windmill which celebrates one of Dalí’s depictions of freedom and metamorphosis. This innovative spot also explores the latest digital trend of NFTs with its virtual reality experience known as NFTea.

3 Soaked in luxury at Fortnum’s

Fortnum’s is famous for its luxurious yet cozy afternoon tea experience and was even a favorite of Her Majesty The Queen, as she herself opened Fortnum’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Room in 2012 .outstanding tea. This place also offers a multitude of options for taking tea home.

2 Tea with a Japanese twist

Those looking to shake up their afternoon tea outings or fans of Japanese cuisine should visit Ginza St. James’s. This afternoon tea experience brings the spirit of Japan into classic tea time with tantalizing offerings like smoky and nutty Bancha tea to accompany maki rolls and wagyu burgers before Japanese favorites like matcha or mochi. It is a truly unique and delicious tea experience not to be missed.

1 Celebrate Peter Rabbit’s 120th birthday at Dilly

Peter Rabbit’s Official Afternoon Tea at Dilly takes guests into the whimsical world of Peter Rabbit with unique rabbit-centric dishes like Mr. McGregor’s Garden, a baguettetini sandwich filled with carrots, radishes, red pepper hummus and special “120 Years of mischief” in honor of Peter Rabbit’s 120th birthday. This fantastic place for an unforgettable afternoon tea experience includes a wide variety of other desserts, meals and teas as well as a wonderful view of Piccadilly.


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