Visiting friends rediscover the joy of face-to-face discussions


Local charity Visiting Friends was thrilled to finally host their first morning coffee since the lockdown last year.

The friends met last week in the newly renovated Helensburgh Community Center and were treated to a cute tea box filled with treats made by the local pastry artist. They also had the chance to browse the great selection of books, CDs and puzzles for sale in the Hub.

Charity director Jayne Burnett said: “The lockdown has meant that our visiting friends mainly had to make a combination of phone and garden tours last year, so it’s absolutely wonderful to see so many friends are safe to come back and have fun now that the restrictions have been lifted again.

“We know everyone is careful about coming back to life before the lockdown, but it’s so important to try to come back and pick up some of our old routines now that Scotland is out of the tier system and it is sure to do it.

Friends were invited to write on the tablecloths (disposable!)

Jayne continued, “The lockdown and social distancing restrictions have been difficult for a lot of people in terms of feeling lonely – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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“We’re biologically wired for social contact, and loneliness is just a sign we need more!

“We have also noticed that people, of all ages, have lost some self-confidence.

“Sometimes all it takes is a little company and a helping hand to get it back.

“That’s why volunteering as a friend is such a great idea. It’s a two-way street – not only does it help the person who might be in need of companionship, but it’s also a great way for the volunteer to meet new friends, build confidence, and become more connected to their community. community.

Visiting Friends is always looking for volunteers over the age of 18 who can devote a few hours or an afternoon or morning once a week.

They offer training and ongoing support to make sure you are safe and happy in your role. To find out more, contact us today for a friendly, no-obligation chat on 01436 269336 or email [email protected]

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