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Tiffany Scales (photo by Alex Rosa, makeup by Vanesa Contours)

“I have always been a person of service.

Variations on this theme keep coming up when you talk to Tiffany Scales. Whatever she does, she does it to help someone.

Take Mærry Us Tiffany, which is her business that helps couples get married. She saw a need approaching, and she began to prepare.

Years before marriage equality became the law of the land, Scales participated in marches to town hall in the company of local clergy who defended same-sex marriage. In 2014, she felt that marriage equality was within reach, so she set out to become an ordained minister. She celebrated her first marriage in November 2015 to two of her lesbian friends. From there it was rumored that she was available for the duties of wedding officiant. She has married cis, trans, and non-binary couples in places that are both traditional (like chapels) and creative (like outside West Gray Barnes & Noble.

Scales is also a poet and one of his poems begins with the line “Love is the religion that I practice”. She sees her service as a wedding officiant as a way to practice this belief. Its services are available to couples of any religious origin or without religious origin. “I understand that there is such a thing as ‘the wounded church’, and people have different [life experiences], “she said.” That doesn’t change [our desire] to unite people who choose to love and have peace.

Beyond just conducting marriage rites and signing marriage licenses, Scales also offers counseling for couples. She wants people who choose love to stay in love, which is why one of the services she offers through Mærry Us Tiffany is dating a couple. The goal is to make sure couples know how to communicate and manage their emotions so that they can avoid serious conflicts that lead to breakups.

In addition to being voted Best Wedding Celebrant, Scales was also voted Favorite Female (Community) Radio Personality. His radio show, Long live the Arts (on The New Amazing 102.5 FM), deals with art and music, and how they connect to a larger life. As a graduate of Texas Southern University, the show allows Scales to use her degree in entertainment management and the recording industry. In addition to her show, she serves as the liaison between the radio station and the queer community of Houston.

In addition to these two efforts, she also runs two nonprofits: The Arts Advocate (an organization that helps people solve personal problems like grief and develop social skills) and Toiletries for Families (which provides families in crisis the basic hygiene supplies necessary to preserve the dignity of the person).

“I’m a very busy woman,” Scales says with a laugh. “But it’s fun. Everything I do, I do with passion.

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This article appears in the October 2021 issue of OutSmart magazine.


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