Why Poulette Bakeshop’s Gorgeous Macaron Cake is a stellar expense


Why Poulette Bakeshop’s Gorgeous Macaron Cake is a stellar expense – 5280

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The seasonally changing special order stunner takes bakers Carolyn Nugent and Alen Ramos 48 hours.

A suburban Colorado mall may be a little different from the bustling cafes of Paris or San Francisco, two of the cities where pastry couple Carolyn Nugent and Alen Ramos have perfected their treats at renowned bakeries and Michelin-starred restaurants. the last 15 years. But eager for more stability for themselves and their five-year-old son, they moved from Chicago to Denver, where Ramos’ family lives, in 2020.

After a successful stint selling goodies out their townhouse kitchen window via their Ulster Street Pastry pop-up, Nugent and Ramos moved their operation to a brick and mortar in Parker in September. As fans line up for the donuts, donuts and sticky buns from Poulette Bakeshop, it’s the sumptuous pastry-style treats like this five-tiered macaroon cake that raise our blood sugar levels.

Here, we break down the making of the cake, a seasonally changing special order stunner that costs $ 160 to $ 200 (depending on the mix) and takes Nugent and Ramos 48 hours:

  • The top macaron layer is dressed in decorative fall flowers from the Parker’s Mainstreet Flower Market. After putting the macaroon sheets on for 24 to 36 hours, Nugent and Ramos prepare a fresh fruit jelly to coat each layer. The jelly can be infused with any flavor profile, from caramel to curd, but this fall iteration features spiced pears with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla.
  • Chocolate coils are basically giant macaroon cookies: beautiful bubble-free disks of homemade dark chocolate ganache hand-passed in tight circular spirals. “I spent three weeks piping coils, six hours a day,” says Ramos of his macaroon development at Pierre Hermé in Paris.
  • Each layer also receives a coverage of soft vanilla cream topped with poached pear, blackberries and toasted candied almonds. “Everything is chewy – the macaroon is chewy, the vanilla custard, the jelly – so it’s nice to have something to add a little bit of crunch,” says Nugent.
  • Once everything is assembled, they drop a dark chocolate ganache around the rim and add more blackberries along the sides.

This article appeared in the October 2021 issue of 5280.

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